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  1. There's something about Justin Timberlake that is so fucking sexy idk what it is but UGH so random :gaycat12:

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    2. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      He looked good af during the first part of the Justified era. Like, that RS shoot plus the ones he did for Seventeen and VIBE magazines are all fire. Dude looked fine af! 

      You should give it another go, I feel like it aged well considering it's 15 yo now and some of it is still pretty damn good! I was never fond of a few of the songs on it, two of which were singles lol, but the album as a whole is still one of my favorites. But I like the more R&B driven Justin sometimes lol. 

      I think the main thing I love about him musically is that he's always taking chances, re-inventing his sound. I got mad respect for that.

    3. AmazingAzalean


      I'll deffo give it another go, I still think hes underrated af or maybe thats just stan twitter, but he deffo doesnt get enough respect for his albums and even performance abilities..

    4. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      I absolutely agree, he isn't appreciated the way he should be. The man give 100% all the time, especially when he's performing, and people just overlook him like he ain't paved the way for the other ones who are trying to do it now. I mean, the man is 37 years old, selling out stadiums on a world tour that has already grossed $60+M ... das impressive af! And he just started the European Leg of the tour, with a bum knee. He's dedicated to his fans. Most other artists woulda cancelled and shit.