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  1. The chef at work said to me "you should be drowning in pussy" or "drowning in cock" at your age :rip: :trisha12: but I'm a hopeless romantic :trisha10:

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    2. Pmkkardashian


      Men are trash

      Men have always been trash

      Men will always be trash 


    3. Treacherous Lovatic

      Treacherous Lovatic

      Clearly you're not meeting the wrong people. Trash is not a gender specific trait, some men are trash and some women are trash, it helps no one to generalize.

    4. AmazingAzalean


      The Lord knows men aint shit but I've never been or tried to be in a relationship so I need to figure that out for myself, if only I would stop having crushes on celebrities/people I've never met or know me :trisha10: