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  1. You Bring Me Joy by Amelia Lily...straight up club banger. So?!
  2. Im torturing myself by working loads and not treating myself...online shopping spree is calling me :jan1:

  3. Blame will.i.am for being a sneaky industry player by getting a ghost vocalist to sing instead of Britney and then not credit her...he's a dirty dog if I'm honest. Fill me in
  4. No I agree with you, that's what I meant, they should get credit where it's due, where it's not due is as a featured artist, vocal contribution if they gave background vocals? Sure, yes. And lmao yeah Jlo is smart and stans don't know what there talking about, they just want a reason to pick on her.
  5. will.i.am robbed Tulisa not Britney. Gaga was credited as a writer, it's perfectly normal, no rules broken there either She was credited as a writer on The Monster, a lot of times writers contribute vocals on a song, e.g. - Justin Tranter on I'm a Mess, doesn't mean they should get featured credit, that's not how it works Hey Mama she sang a whole chorus so she DESERVED rightfully so credit which she wasn't given at the start, that's pretty much the only valid example of an artist stealing from another, alongside Rihanna, Jlo etc.
  6. Or she could do that true her looks deffo have NOT been it recently...
  7. Yeah @King or Queen mentioned those, there's nothing wrong with keeping a writers/original artists vocals on a song tho as long as they are credited properly, which Bebe was, that wasn't the issue she had with The Monster. Same with TIWYCF and Hey Mama, the problem with that was she wasn't featured. Idk what Britney has done wrong tho?
  8. I think there needs to be more detail in the acting and writing when it comes to what LGBT characters go through, not the "I fancy this guy but he's straight" storyline with the party scenes etc...they just need to dig deeper more, maybe having some queer writers and actors would help tell the story better
  9. She needs a long ass break without features included, and then she can come back and give us a solid 10-14 track album with bops and meaningful songs, NO filler, NO 20 tracks, and no problematic shit talking she probably won't have much top 10 success anymore but the least she can do is give us longevity and good bodies of work.
  10. THIS When will y'all give the same shit to Rihanna as you do Jlo, Rihanna took from Tinashe and SZA so she's a guilty offender.
  11. This would make sense if you dated a COPer but...i dont think you have?
  12. I got a 20minute detention in high school for eating a skittle (british candy) because we weren't allowed to eat upstairs...fucking dumb Then the detention fell on my birthday and the day Reclassified by Iggy GODzalaea came out, I was PISSED
  13. When they go low, we go high Though that is very hard to follow sometimes
  14. Well I didnt win anything tonight but I've been screaming at all the shade thrown by @Dangerous Woman, @Mocha and @Ahmed skkskd, yall sent me :kelly: