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  1. My good sis :trishabawl: sad to see you go, you left big shoes to fill legend :trishabawl:

  2. New Andrew Garfield themed layout since I resurrected him out of my crush graveyard and I am obsessed with him :trishabawl: I'm such a loser :trishabawl:

  3. I wanna know @GilletteIsOverParty's thots on Cardi dragging Trump and Tomi FLOPren 4 million in taxes is TRAGIC, but wbk taxes rob us all of our hard earned coin
  4. FUCK Dyke Penis and his "wife", I hope they both get the boot so someone better can fill the seat, I'm glad Gaga spoke up, because not many people seem to be, specifically about Pence who is a disgusting PIG
  5. I think she's trying to Ruin My Life I feel threatened as a male!
  6. @Best Fiction oh wait... Member most likely to have sex in public
  7. Headbanging and hairflipping to Fall Out Boy at midnight in my bed is my new fave thing to do, the emo jumped out :gemma:

  8. You know what I was actually relistening to Save Rock & Roll today, I might try and relisten to IOH, lemme go do that tomorrow
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one.mp3 that has noticed this, you never see gays supporting Sam Smith, infact they tear him down, it's fucking gross Even Adam Lambert, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Years & Years have very small gay fanbases, or maybe it's just stan twitter? Idk. But stans have no problem sexualising Nick, Shawn etc. instead of supporting actual queer artists, but each to there own I guess
  10. Iggy Motherfucking Azalea, PERIOOOOOOOOODDDDDD
  11. The thing is he still has sales potential, the rollout was just messy af, same with Tinashe's, there a hot mess of a label, they can still profit of Zayn tho, not so much GODnashe.