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    wonderful by lianne la havas
  2. she's coming for blood
  3. The Boy

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    only if you send some bake and shark Lol aw you should treat yourself one of these days! They're small but so good
  4. The Boy

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    They were so good! (sorry) You're from Louisiana right? Aren't you guys known for crawfish?
  5. The Boy

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    been craving crawfish for the longest and finally got my fix today so I'm happy
  6. I know I would be terrified lmao, I used to get spooked just by watching those ghost hunting shows. but if I'm with the right people then it sounds like it could be a fun adventure
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    Summer Love - Rita Ora
  8. She Loves Control 12 SGG 41 In The Dark 4 Into It 102
  9. 2 weeks ago when my ex and I broke up
  10. ruin my life by zara or all the ways by meg*an tra*nor
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    I REALLY hope I feel better before work on Wednesday. Having to talk to customers all day while you're trying not to have a cough attack is painful