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    I REALLY hope I feel better before work on Wednesday. Having to talk to customers all day while you're trying not to have a cough attack is painful
  2. :eyes:

    1. The Boy

      The Boy

      hai boo :hug2:

      katy was serving in that new photoshoot. it reminded me of the color game :wendy25:

  3. Pretty good tbh. I've been preparing for my new job that starts next week plus I've started seeing a therapist I like so that's really nice
  4. The cover is really pretty, reminds me of the birth of venus
  5. Pomegranates (with lemon and chili powder ) or Mango
  6. Seeing the texts his wife sent to her friends made me really sad omg
  7. Going to give this a listen tonight. Prime and Sanctuary are my fav songs from her
  8. me trying to reach the word count on my essay OT: 100/100.
  9. Omg can't believe the DvG finale is this week. This season was soo good Angelina for the win (I'd be content with any of the remaining cast winning except Mike)