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  1. I wish the paul brothers peformed, they wouldve saved the show
  2. the grammys love giving awards to nondeserving artists so i see why not. Plus taylor has bought Grammys in the past so she will probably do it again
  3. nicki wishes she was remy so bad thats why shes always so pressed. She also has so much plastic inside her, its starting to affect her brain
  4. cardi the bronx stripper ended her... with her debut single only 5h can save icki now
  5. Fidel Castro who??? Karl Marx who?? Joseph Stalin who??
  6. funny you say that cus taylucifer sinks on the hot 100 regardless of what song she releases
  7. 5H saved it from becoming forgotten and the song is so boring and overrated.
  8. Sweetie!?!!?! it's a cover, it doesnt have to chart because it already impacted AIFCY's chart run. They literally brought millions of views and thousands of sales towards AIWFCY. 5h and Epic saved the song from becoming unknown.
  9. rats are known to be easily taught to do simple tasks using classical conditioning which may explain why lambs are routinely buyimg this dead single. AIWFCY has NO impact and is only bought because 5H covered it
  10. ally is literally me when i try to wiggle the shit out of my ass when using the restroom
  11. honey do you want all dozen of us lambs on this earth to drag you!?!?!?!.