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  1. Was fun whilst it lasted - will hold onto some close friendships from here
  2. Anyone who says ME! is lying.
  3. It's really not hard to see the reason as to why this site has pretty much died..

  4. JACK VIDGEN OMG KSKSKSK haven't heard that name in years
  5. The Young Libs and Nats have a large faction of Nazi's You cannot with a right mind say that the Liberals didn't try to stop that vote happening either
  6. Shouldn't have posted the Tony stat... he didn't even vote Yes when it came time.. he didn't even set foot inside the chamber. He's a homophone, good riddance!
  7. Don't let him get you confused between the American Liberal and the Australian Liberal... Labor (the left party) regrettably didn't do much to bring marriage equality into the discussion 6 years ago but I would say a good 1/3rd of the Liberal party are against homosexuality period. The Libs didn't want marriage equality succeed so they only ran a NON BINDING postal vote instead of a referendum. The Prime Minister is against homosexuality
  8. If you were to compare Republican - Democrat,they would be Republican but the kii here is that the Democrats are so right wing that Australia's right wing party are basically Democrats
  9. Can't wait for more terrible economic management by the Coalition!
  10. The Liberal party in Aus is more like the Democrats tbh