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  1. I have a few mutuals on twitter who love her and i tried out her debut album/EP and it's just boring. No flair, trash lyrics, trash production - Such a nothing waste of space artist, she's that bad
  2. Oh. My. God. Basil fucking Brush, WE STAN A LEGEND
  3. It's one of the best pop songs from the era, ABBA has better songs though that i think would be considered some of the best pop songs ever.
  4. This cunt got what he deserved #egganazi The REAL issue here is the facist goons that put this kid in a chokehold for over 2 MINUTES. CHARGE THEM ALL
  5. Another right wing fascist white supremacist cunt. What the fuck are we coming to

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    2. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      @Smollett4Prison In his manifesto - He's a self-professed Trump supporter and he was a user on 8chan of all places, breeding ground for the deepest pits of the alt-right

    3. Smollett4Prison


      as i said likely antifa/left wing trying to make us look bad. antifa are notorious for that.

    4. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      hahah you're actually delusional :whereisit:

  6. I don't understand why people like Drake so much, there are so many more talented R&B and Rap artists out there
  7. Then they should be nominated for Academy awards, every single person in the documentary if that's the case.
  8. Shallow only got there because of the Oscar buzz, we been knew