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  1. You've clearly haven't heard her earlier discography
  2. I expect good drags from you, not this low effort nonsense
  3. I wouldn't put it this strongly, but from all the research i have done, the classic Food Pyramid is highly flawed. Some researchers and scientists feel that if it were tipped upside down it would be more beneficial, especially to cut down the obesity crisis
  4. I started losing weight just over a week, the biggest thing is just cut down on Sugar and Carbs. I limit myself to 20g of Carbs a day. It's all about what you eat
  5. My doctor that i visit is supportive of the me doing the diet and monitors me closely
  6. I've done my research on it. I'm not the most hardcore dieter at it, like i don't go out of my way to add extra fat to anything, i just avoid food with Carbs and Sugar content. The diet is basically what everyone has been doing for centuries and only recently the world has been exposed to more bread, sugar, corn than ever before. Meat and Veg will always be a staple. Sugar and Carbs are more harmful than most fats.
  7. People have been eating meat for millenniums sis, it's natural. The REAL issue in our society today is Fast Food, Corn, Carbs and Sugar. It's a complete myth that all fats are bad for you. In fact, people should be eating MORE meat. I've been on the Ketogenic diet (High fats, low carb diet) for about 2 months now, i feel the best I've ever felt. I've lost 10kg (22 pounds), my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels and my cholesterol is at normal levels now (family history of high cholesterol)
  8. They're hardly sausages, it's just sausage meat rolled up in pastry.. I know there is a sort of american equivalent but i can't think of it
  9. Ehh. Meat Pies outsold and it really depends where you get the sausage roll from if it's good or not, nothing worse than a dry one
  10. Welcome sis! Hope to see you around!