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  1. I watched a fantastic movie last night that I've never heard of before now called To Die For (some of you probably know it) Stars Nicole Kidman alongside Joaquin Pheonix, Casey Affleck and a few other names. It's a black comedy but it's absolutely hilarious. I've never really liked Nicole as an actress but this movie is her best one by far performance wise. Highly recommend checking this out if you're a fan of late 90's movies, Nicole wears some of the most iconic outfits I've ever seen. Try to go in not knowing too much about it, it's so worth it.
  2. If you think this is bad, look at any Centre-Democrats voting records
  3. Love ya'll and thanks for this post Although some of us have disagreements, i respect and cherish everyone on here
  4. Trump is 72, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa at 77 - Sanders has no signs of slowing down at all in the near future. People will support someone who actually wants to make change rather than a democratic party shill that is a glorified republican
  5. A certain snowflake is angry other people are expressing their political opinions i see :lipstick:

  6. Patriotism causes moral blindness. You should be able to love your country but also see and discuss it's flaws.
  7. Awesome news. even if he doesn't end up with the nomination again, he atleast starts discussion about the pure inequality in the current world. Y'all Hillary stans better support!
  8. I only watched Alien for the first time last month. Its fucking incredible and probably one of the best sci fi films ever, i haven't got around to seeing Aliens yet but i cannot believe people when they say it's better because the first is already perfect
  9. I don't care if you're conservative or whatever but imagine still supporting Trump in 2019, you'd have to be fucking dumb. (Not directed at anyone in particular)