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  1. It kinda gets a bit boring when you have your own money like anything i want during the year i just get but i love giving gifts to my family and friends, that gives me more happiness than opening ones for myself
  2. KII at all the dumbies in this thread thinking 'one of the strongest voices in the industry' is referring to her vocals, i have to laugh sweatys Learn context
  3. This looks like it was a while ago, she's much more refined and mature on the stage now and her vocals have 120% improved since her 'peak' - She was fucking awesome, stay pressed
  4. I just bought a 6 year old hyundai that was driven by a 70 year old, it's basically new and paid for with cash so proud of myself
  5. I nearly bought a new car, i was so upset with myself - 1 hour in i just walked out because i realized how much of a dumbass i was being
  6. People trying to determine an age to move out when really it's all specific circumstances. I know for me personally, i'd love to move out in the next few years but my mum literally doesn't want me to because we have a good relationship - All depends on your circumstances around it
  7. I live pretty frugally and i'm so glad that i always have some money behind me simply because i don't buy dumb shit. No one at 19 needs a new car loan.. and then goes on to complain how they've only got $20 in their bank account bish you did this to yourself, i'm happy to say i'm still debt free and loving life
  8. It's culturally relevant in rap music this year, so yeah Deserves it more than Drake
  9. This is about IOP how? I just personally think DC is above the rest in terms of quality
  10. Wow I can't wait to find out how Will gets affected by the upside down again!
  11. The only album in the AOTY category that actually deserves it is Dirty Computer, the rest can choke - You can tell that the Grammy's are a joke because they've nominated Drake for best album
  12. As long as you have a job and help out with expenses, living with your parents is fine. It's getting harder and harder to move out of home for most young people (Financially)