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  1. so many cry babies on this website, harden up

  2. Loved it! Really cool story and the cinematography is gorgeous
  3. keeps being reinforced to me that you honestly have to have under 50 IQ if you're right wing

    1. AlexaHasTheTEASara


      under 25 IQ mandatory for libtards. its why most are from ***i**

    2. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      Libtards also have a requirement of under 50 iq, so yes, you're correct 

    3. Elusive Madame X

      Elusive Madame X

      This Indie bullying is getting out of hand

  4. Honestly do we even need a named admin, just fix the mod team and you're good
  5. I love both but i clash pretty bad with my Dad as we are sadly.. way too similar.
  6. I don't like Britney that much but i have to admit, this still slaps to this day
  7. K-pop is very different to Western Pop. I can love pop but also dislike K-pop at the same time.
  8. The gays don't even listen to white men, also some people just don't like K-pop as a genre
  9. Yeah.. It's JT, all other pop males are surprisingly underwhelming. I know his most recent album was .... a choice.. but his modern pop legacy cannot be erased
  10. have a job interview this afternoon with former co-workers and i'm still anxious as f.. help me

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    2. Msl


      Just be yourself! You're an amazing person <3 

    3. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      Thanks guys <3 OOP @Msl being my 10,000th rep :lipstick:

    4. Msl
  11. This should be great. Joaquin is one of my favourite actors and this looks like an awesome shift for DC movies
  12. I think the album is pretty good, At least it's not just down-right overhyped trash, there is actual artistry with only having 2 people involved in making such a complete album. The production slaps and I honestly think her brother is most of her talent, if she had bad production she just wouldn't be as good