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  1. wig I’m hypedT af also “graphic design is my passion “ someone needs to be fired from that team ???
  2. No I absolutely hate him I just think he’s daddy(and that too it’s just a small feeling ) nothing more other than that tbh HE CAN CHOKE ON BLEACH.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks mike pence is a daddy I even wrote a fanfic of him Like ahhh I fantasize me and him doing it in the White House while do what you want plays in the background while I film it then upload it then out him to the whole world honestly like a scandalous relationship/affair with some president etc sounds like the shit
  4. trying to fuck this homophobic hunty in my class I don’t know where to start though like I asked him when schools re-open and he just said he doesn’t know, LIKE SWEEETIE..... but anyways
  5. Groupie Love by far lol I can actually hear Lana I don’t hear whispers but fetish Issa bop too won’t lie
  6. ummmm.....welll I think it’ll do moderately well....
  7. Sandcastles should go for a holiday.mp3 and never return
  8. Alejandro + Bad Romance by Lady Gaga the slayness the everything the visuals are EVERYTHING
  9. tumblr_oftpe8kzHZ1u6n38po1_400.gif

    So I saw a daddy driving a Ferrari today he even looked like the type to die of “old age” or some “poisoning” :poot::trisha2: but you know he’s too basic to be my daddy anyways :wendy18:

  10. I’d like one with ORIGINAL SONGS and minimal promo cuz I need a slay illuminati era
  11. Tea it needs to be disco psych rock/pop 80s synth pop realness
  12. ANOTHER Diamond Heartster so I’m not the only one who thinks it deserved a slaysual. The only difference for me is the ranking of the albums I think it would be for me BTW=TFM>Artpop(cuz of sexx dreams,Venus,aura,MJH,Dwuw and JND )>Joanne>TF(aged like milk)
  13. Harry? He looks cute My mans Tom Hardy was there and my wig and clit are doing cartwheels MY WIG + CLITTTT