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  1. 17.1 million views on the first 24 hours. An upcoming hit! Request, stream, and buy!
  2. 2014: "Y'all are calling me a crazy ex-girlfriend? I'm giving you a crazy ex-girlfriend!" *releases Blank Space* 2017: "Y'all are calling me snake? I'll give you snake." Queen of serving the GP.
  3. I appreciate ha, but she still looks like a 12 yr-old tryna be a sexy, dope, bad ass 27 year old.
  4. I think at this point the GP has figured out how much of a music fraud she is. The film/tv industry is waiting.
  5. Still a question of why she has a music/singing career. A very talented actress, Ms. Gomez!
  6. I long for the day that these pop girls will not depend on rappers for success. These attempts are sad.
  7. because she is Carmelita Cabinto. We are talking about Demi Lovato. She had good promo in Confident but the GP wasnt there for her. Now that they are, she needs to push it and shove it in their asses more. You wanna keep feeling me?
  8. Because they are rappers. We are talking about Demi Lovato. Unfortunately, she needs all the promo and exposure she can get so she stay winning, you feel me? It will help.
  9. Not yet, IMO. The GP is jamming to SNS, the only thing missing is the promo she had in the Confident era. There hasn't been any live performance nor radio interviews yet as far as I know. If she wants a definite hit, then she needs to SERVE it to the masses!
  10. @tragicgabriel @justcatchmedemi you are so sweet <3 My favorite member is @fightmegurl and nobody even knows who i am hahaha
  11. I like her unique tone and great (pop) songwriting skills so I'm rooting for her. But why just an EP? She has this exposure now and testing the water before a debut album is fine, sure, but after she tests the waters, there's a huge probability the GP will pay her dust by then! All the best, girly.
  12. Oh wait... @QueenOfCrop is Indie..the problematic Sia stan?
  13. Thanks, sis. I just can't stand it when people root for the WRONG girl.