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  1. I do like her, isn't she the one with the best selling female album of all the time? she's like the queen of country.
  2. "LOVE MYSELF" is the anthem of my life so she's queen, YAS.
  3. Sometimes I dislike Demi, she's so extra
  4. Diego


    Whitney Houston omg
  5. some people know how to reinvent themselfs, but i think gaga is not over, i'm feeling a comeback.
  6. Aura: 15 Venus: 15 GUY: 15 Sexxx Dreams: 16 Jewels N' Drugs: 15 Manicure: 15 Do What U Want: 15 Artpop: 16 Swine: 15 Donatella: 15 Fashion!: 14 Mary Jane Holland: 14 Dope: 12 Gypsy: 17 Applause: 16