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  1. hi

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      omg hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Jordanna


      it's been a while lol

  2. the only way that tour will happen is in his dreams. he's delusional to think that this will ever happen .
  3. Besides, it's literally a headscarf, anyone can wear it. If it was a hijab or something then I would see the problem. yall gotta chill
  4. I'm mixed as well (but way darker than her), grew up in a white neighborhood and fangirled over One Direction, does that make me white???
  5. It’s a good album, but I feel like she could of done more with it. More bops, less ballads
  6. His teeth look like tic tacs tbh and he looks scary lol
  7. he’s trash they just need to delete his account lol
  8. G-Eazy I guess was collab with H&M and he backed out too. Anyway, I don’t think it was H&M’s intention to be racist, it’s just percieved that way. I would say they’re ignorant.
  9. I saw her the day these pics were taken, but yeah she’s half black lol
  10. I saw Kesha at Jingleball yesterday and i wasn't impressed. 


    i was hardcore jamming to tik tok tho