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  1. Slow Down is a whole bop.And Checklist has a dancehall vibe
  2. Very racist post.Normani is a very talented young artist.She hasn't even released a album for you guys to go in on her this hard.She's an amazing dancer!She's very entertaining.Let home girl release her damn album first n
  3. Sis this is a straight bop.She's giving us Ariana Thinking bout you teas with this sis
  4. Hey Guys.I love the ep!Love the Early 2000's vibe of her mixes.Love the fashion.She's a mixture between Beyonce/Ashanti and Brandy. I was really hopeing for this jem to be on the record
  5. Ok.....I'm not the biggest Pink fan untill as of recently except for Don't Let Me Get Me....She was just a little to butch for me at first but I really see she's more than a athletic young man with a nice set of pipes jk jk.She really is an inspiration for people!Imma give it a listen hold up
  6. Are we allowed to criticize Kesha on this form without getting stoned?.....Imma just keep my comments to myself.But I will say....I have alot I could say about her and leave it at that
  7. hmmmm....Snippets are Giving me funky girl's night out at the rodeo I don't wanna judge till I've heard the full tracks but I feel like Miley's stretching the lines of country,funk,and even blues.She's really repping for southern music and it's sounding way more authentic than when certain acts try on there cowgirl hats
  8. I'm taking a listen to those snippets now girls.I'm liking what I hear so far
  9. It's all really a big circle.I don't really care for any of these artist on the list aside from John...just because,he did it best! This genre really doesn't get much attettion.I guess cause it's so basic,as in,anyone could pick up a guitar and learn these simple pop songs in three days top!Oh,and it puts everyone to sleep!But I reallly wanted to cover it just because of it's place on the charts at the moment. I wanted to lazily lump Miley in this mix because honestly.7 Things was one of those guitar driven,easy to learn,late 2000's track but I decided not to because she's so much more than just that.Her music kinda spans into country and folk so I don't think this post would do her justice.But it's worth noting that out of all of the ex-acts..Miley's the only one who can play an instrument.This post,however,was more aimed at those "dreamy,I'm the guitar player" type guys.
  10. Hey you guys!So after a unexpected reception from a post I created today,I've decided to kinda make Church of Pop a place were I pencil in all these thoughts about music and pop culture that no one in real life cares about!YaY!First let me say thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed my rambling on Fergie and I hope that you also enjoy this piece...lets start The days where pop music was strictly guitar driven feels like centuries ago.I feel the last artist I can remember who strummed there way to the top of the charts was John Mayer.Handsome,cool,collected,and soulful,John Mayer didn't rely on electronic driven tracks or sultry early 2000's r&b ,even though it was becoming so much of the norm in this time.Looking back now,after a viynl gold mine of grunge noise rock artist (Nirvanna,Pearl Jam,), synchronized dance routine pop divas(Madonna,Britney,Christina,Janet) and R&B Queens(Lauryn Hill ,Mariah,TLC,Destiny's Child) dominating the 90's and early 2000's,John Mayer seemed a bit....out of place.His tours consisted of a more laid back feel,less arenas and more bars.Hell sometimes even open mic nights and coffee shops were on the young performers tour stops.It set John Mayer apart from his peers and carved out a lane of his own....a lane that is now actually heavily occupied Singer-Songwriters have occasionally experience sleeper sucuess but nothing to serious were they became,like John,a household name to soccer moms and college students.Here's a couple one hit wonders that somehow made the cut in the late 2000's Feeling nostaglic yet?Well,I'm hardly done.We'll refer to this list of artist as the Prototype/the window.They represent the past but also show a view of the future to come to pop 10 years after there sucuess Like all trends in music,they repeat!They come back after being laid dormant for some time.The tracks above range from 2006 up to 2009!Acient I know!Needless to say this sound was died out and replaced for the EDM take over!Songs like Tik Tok,Just Dance,California Gurls,and Like A G6 represented the new wave ,gone were the days of pretty blue eyed boys selling there tears through acoustic guitars.Even Jesse Mcartney dropped his niche to follow the Justin Timberlake blueprint and croon over 808's.Less hands and more footwork That is....untill 2012. 2012 brought upon a odd trend in music,a genre I never thought would return from it's Woodstock grave. Folk Somehow through all the electronic 4 on the floor ,through the early rise of trap music that dominates pop radio today,and the cringing dubstep these artist made a print that would keep guitar driven pop still a float.Ed Sheeran is probably the most successful of this revival thus far At the time,I didn't think that this sound would last or be around much longer.I actually felt it was over before it began.I didn't think stripped back mid-tempo ballads had any spot next to our polished divas and quick fire rappers.I see now that I was wrong...very wrong.In fact,John Mayer is one of the biggest influences on pop radio at the moment Today the radio is over populated with mushy 4 chord tracks that are being taught to aspiring artist,one youtube video at the time.Don't Believe Me...Take a look at the hits of today,Jesse McCartney would be both proud and envious at the same time Somehow this......reminds me of the this Give me your thoughts in the comments
  11. When I get home I'll make a little review on Cyrus.Just for you guys ?
  12. Sorry I'm typing on my phone now haha.I wouldn't wanna do snippets just cause I don't judge albums till I listen all the way.It wouldn't be fair to miss Cyrus
  13. I'm down completely.What would you guys want to be reviewed next?I mean this review kinda was based off a flaw I couldn't help but notice haha.It wouldn't be as negative...unless the album is shit haha.Or I could I just do think pieces on artist's style,interesting perks I notice,marketing things lol whatever you want
  14. And we love a Kylie Minogue stan.Always progressive!
  15. Um Miley needs more compression to these vocals.The production she's been using on this album so far like Inspired or Malibu have been well mixed and combined that raw organic rockablity with polished effects/overdubs/mixing very well.She even said so herself Malibu was made in a trailer and gives it great room from dynamics and conveying an overall an emotion and keeping that energy up thats often lost in songs made straight from a computer(She talked about this in the Dead Pets Era to).Inspired is totally stripped and sounds as if it had no touching up done afterwards. BUT on Younger Now its like she totally decided to make everything polished and only her vocals raw.It's like she did half the work she did on Malibu.This is probably Miley's attempt to get more radio play(most hit radio singles are super processed.Problem is a good example.)Hopefully the rest of the record won't take this approach and keeps that gritter sound that we've all came to love.