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  1. Lowkey think he's obsessed with you. Cover your hole sis when walking down dark alleyways.
  2. Busy? I think being a mod on WOP would require no more than a glance a week to cover all bases I've literally never seen such a darsaster stats-wise lmao
  3. Here we are again COP. In the same position. Once again we're looking for an admin and to take reigns of the site. We need someone with some BALLS this time (no shade @Oh My Gaga but you were too nice) I do thank you though for giving it a whirl. @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Newbies @Members
  4. Lardga should give up Noanne being considered a "comeback" yet selling half of CHARTDROP really shows us how much her career has nosedived.
  5. Thats even more tragic the fact that all four albums after TFM didnt even come close to matching that ONE album's sales COMBINED is a kiiii Poor Fadga...sorry @Craig
  6. She must've had these after she saw Hitless's sales
  7. LOVE U QUEEN @YUNGBLUD Stay strong against the totalitarian left sis! 

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  9. When Allah Brookesus overtakes you in the popularity ladder of 5H, it's honestly time to call it a day. Also, she's racist
  10. The garbz are celebrating and now think she’s going to win a Grammy and get a #1 Nazi was lucky to have the success she did have since she’s short and shaped like a centaur. It was thanks to those managers . Now they’re gone and she’s got no one. Poor obesity
  11. #MSLhastoomuchsparetime



      It's pathetic. He needs a life tbh.  He acting like he is so innocent