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  1. Welcome to COP (if you're a genuine newbie!...long story but we've had an issue with banned users signing up duplicate accounts lol) That would be amazing also!
  2. I've been teasing COP Phase 2.0 for a while now but because of a lot of prolonged drama I haven't been able to fully realise it. I am now in the official planning stage of COP Phase 2.0 and would like your suggestions for how we go about it and how we can maximise the re-launch of the site. Yes, that's right...we're essentially re-launching. Nothing will change except the theme. Everyone's posts and profiles and the forum itself will essentially remain the same, but we will be closing the forum for ONE DAY so we can build hype for the re-launch and come back for the back. The re-launch for COP Phase 2.0 will occur on January 2, 2019, exactly 18 months since we launched new COP. We are going to be having two massive promo slots (hopefully one on youtube and one on a bigger twitter influencer account) and we will be giving EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. MEMBER. VIP accounts for their first month. We really need all your help to fully maximise the potential this has for the site. We need promo videos.... Promo banners.... New events for the new year that will include the newbies... A slogan for the relaunch. Like... "Guess Who's Back?" And we'll need help with an updated site banner and logo (not too different but definitely fresher for the new year). Let's get to brainstorming girlies And mark January 2 in your diaries! (we'll close on January 1 and re-open on January 2) @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  3. I am buying my brother some calvin klein underwear (he really needs new pairs of underwear apparently lol), my mum and dad a palm tree, my sister some candles and beauty products, my aunt a bottle of champers and my nephew some dinosaur figurines. I hope to get money because i never like the gifts i'm given
  4. Oh there’s no doubt she is one of the strongest voices in the industry considering she ruined an innocent mans life with vile disgusting LIES
  5. Hell yeah it does and I now realise after that embarrassing hour long meltdown that Beysus and TH had calling me a rapist over and over that they're obsessed and they'll never get over it, best thing is to ignore them and starve them of the attention they so desperately seek!
  6. @Dangerous Woman you've had a LOT to say about me recently but your negativity is getting tiresome. You don't always have to have to lay down your two cents on every thread. Leave me alone tbh.
  7. Oh definitely, this will be the VERY LAST thread ever on that forum that is allowed. Everything else will be muted. Darsaster is going to have to try to make it on his own now, he's been piggybacking off our success for way too long.
  8. Yes this will be the very last time I ever mention it, i can absolutely guarantee you. I will also be hiding any mention of it in the future. Darsaster has had enough free promotion from me, he needs to use the 7 ads he has on his site now to bring in some coin.
  9. Yes I plan to back up my words with action, or lack thereof in this case.
  10. I've been doing a lot of self reflecting lately and I am not proud of how I have acted over the last three months. I have allowed my enemies to get the better of me and in doing so, I have alienated many people when they saw me acting out. I want to take a second to apologise to all the persons I have unfairly wronged, including Sara who I have targeted merely because she left the forum to go to WOP. I know I can get very vindictive when I feel betrayed but I am going to learn better to take these things in my stride. Life happens, shit happens, people make bad choices and I shouldn't let that impede my life or the running of this forum. I'd also like to apologise to the Normani, Little Mix and Nicki Minaj stans for going way over the top in my hate toward them. I still don't care for there artists, especially the latter one but I am working on maturing myself. I hope this apology can be accepted and we can continue to work on harmony within and outside of COP. Indie x
  11. Gurl same, i have thought about it but i have a 5 year old car and looks great and runs great, so why put myself in huge debt? Makes no sense.
  12. GURL I KNOW A 20 YEAR OLD WHO BOUGHT VOLKS GOLF.... THEYRE LIKE 30 GRAND And is always complaining that they're poor when we go out to lunch implying that I should be paying... um ... like no
  13. Well i don't think people who prostitute themselves are in a position to laugh at others (this isn't directed at anyone here by the way)