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  1. Interlude or not she will regret this when more of his problematic and racist "jokes" come out I'm just here for the mess
  2. The keto diet is VERY good for you, it provides you with everything you need in terms of nutrients and vitamins. Carbs and sugar have NO nutrients lmao you are such a dunce when it comes to diet and nutrition.
  3. Just banned those "trump troll" accounts before they could even verify their accounts. Try harder :kelly: 

  4. We do love vegan propaganda lmao. Give me one vegan who's lived past 100...there's none
  5. Thanks for the donation @Foreign Swaggers! I'm not sure if it was to get upgraded to VIP or not, that's $10 if you want an instant upgrade. Let me know (so $5 more)

  6. Meat quality is improved. I only buy organic grass fed beef now and organic free-range chicken, no cancer for me plus I won't look sickly like most vegans will when they get older.
  7. The militant vegan jumped out. Let us live.(And we'll live longer than y'all too because we won't be deprived of essential nutrients )
  8. When I went to America I was shooketh because they didn't have meat pies and sausage rolls at the 7/11s. They're like the most popular hot feed here and we top them with tomato sauce (ketchup). Droooool.
  9. So true. Nicki in particular just screams desperation right now, she's trying everything and hopping on anything hoping something will be a hit. She's sacrificed all of her morals (but did she have any?) and ethics for the almighty dollar and the hope to extent her relevancy (which is quickly diminishing). This is sad.
  10. Lucifer never sleeps. I think she'll also be back early 2019
  11. I'll be back in Vegas next summer (look out @shmeur) so I'll likely see this Provided it's discounted which I'm sure it will be