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  1. Also I just found this song and I fucking LOVE it, this is an actual contemporary black empowering song about a relevant issue not fucking APARTHEID which is literally not present in any country *eye roll*.
  2. Imagine the type of backlash a white artist would get if they featured only white people (100 no less) in their video and had ONE BLACK PERSON being the evil person Trump 2020!
  3. Watch the video and read my thoughts before you type some dribble virtue signalling SJW reply. There are about 100 extras shown in this video, all of them are black except for two of them. Now that's not the racist part... I get it ... there's double standards for black people and white people... y'all don't have to feature us in your videos but we do you otherwise we're racist. The racist part for me is the ONLY adult white person in the video is supposedly a "racist" for speaking sternly to a black women and Jusstina scolds him with a nasty look and the ever so ironic line "what will the world remember you for?" I also feel that there is strong symbolism in all of the black people wearing white at the end of the video laughing. The video was shot in Johannesburg which is seeing land reclaimed off white people by genocide. It feels like a subliminal "ha ha" kind of message. Also keep in mind that Jusstina is now a confirmed anti-white racist who made up a hoax hate crime to FRAME Trump supporters as evil racists and was even ready to testify against two innocent white males he thought Chicaco Police were going to arrest. He HATES white people!
  4. Which is disgusting. She has no morals or self respect or respect for anyone else for that matter. She’s so cock hungry it’s nasty
  5. Scooter should’ve saved the coins for the TUN Grammy. I guess she needed clout ASAP. Sad.
  6. She honestly is the vilest thing ever honestly she disgusts me like no other
  7. Ooh the libs are going to pull everything out of the book to try and bury the Smollett story lmao. Not going to work sorry libs
  8. She’s a public figure who sings about it lmao it kinda is since she shoves it in our face. She is the one who talked about Pete being hung (I see no evidence for it though)
  9. i read this as pre-legal sex considering the circumstances of your appearance on this forum. That's all i'll say on THAT.
  10. I'm SO OVER her black fishing flatty patty ass. I need her so called career to end ASAP.
  11. Gurl the black supremacists are all over the shade room saying "yeah but white people do way worse"
  12. Don't worry libtards, a suspension means he'll be back soon and i'd say he'll be booking big movies soon with all this attention. The libs love to forgive their own even for the most heinous of crimes so I have no doubt they'll be rewarding little Jusstina with a Grammy and an Oscar soon. Roseanne's whole career ended over a mildly racist tweet (she didnt even know the person was black and tbh she doesn't look black) yet Jusstina only gets suspended for concocting a whole ass hate crime and wanted two innocent people to be charged for it? Sick world we live in. Liberals have a LOT to answer for.
  13. I’m about done with people overrating this insufferable baby prostitute who will never be taken seriously as a grown woman because she looks 12. She is still Disney tier and in the same league as Miley, Dora and the heroin addict.
  14. Imagine thinking this 12 year old looking little girl has surpassed Botney (a certified diamond robot) in way, shape or robot form