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  1. @dreamer can you please keep all those small ariana updates in the ariana thread please. It will also help attract new stans to the forums seeing her stanbase thread active. Thank you.

    1. raindrops


      the more the threads more the traffic :mm:

      but I dont make the rules here so sure :wigidol:

    2. Smollett4Prison


      Listen, I'm not trying to sound condescending and i know how these things work. Those small Ariana threads do not bring traffic but if they're posted in her stanbase thread, the stans who follow that thread get notifications and will likely post in that thread more and help keep it active and then guests who follow the thread will join to partake in it. But if it's a significant update like album cover, name, tracklist, then by all means make a new thread :) I'm trying to help you and the board out here by bringing in new fans.