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  1. I love each and every one of you even people like Dar who genuinely wish me to die! I am so devastated about what’s happened, Ignacio baby I love you so much! Float in heaven baby!!!
  2. Lmaoooooooo he will lose bigly if he gets the nomination. America hates socialism so much they’ve rejected it categorically every time a socialist came on the ballot.
  3. What has more credibility that the political opinion of a liberal? Chewing gum embedded into the crack in the soul of a shoe.
  4. LMAO i'm guessing you live in a household that only runs CNN. Trump is going to demolish the competition in 2020, he's retained his voter base like no other republican President before and he's going to pick up all the swing voters with the way the democrat candidates are trying to out-commie each other. America will totally reject socialism/communism as it historically always has. You obviously have no clue about politics
  5. OK you either stop commenting here and there or you keep up with the updates because you just look silly. No offence but it's so frustrating how most of you are so uninformed and come into threads and be like "no we have to wait for all the facts". You didn't wait for all the facts before typing your original message in the thread the day his "attack" happened.
  6. If Killary, if George Soros, if the whole mainstream media, if all the minority groups banded together, if Obama, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep and the whole of fucking HOLLYWOOD couldn't stop Trump the last time, you think you're going to stop him? Cute
  7. Are you saying the two black men are lying? They're FRIENDS with Jussie (probably tag team his butt on a regular )
  8. Wow this is an epidemic! So much worse than i thought. I guess when you tell a group of people that they're victims and molly coddle them through life, you give them a victim mentality for life.
  9. Liberals trying to dodge Jussie Smollett threads like
  10. I make a LOT of valid points, I don't come at people for no reason. I smelt a rat right at the start as should've anyone. But the libtards were lapping it up like crazy because they so badly wanted it to be true (like the Covington Catholic kids story). Imagine belonging to a political group that wants hate crimes to happen so they can push their narrative about the other side. Imagine having to INVENT a hate crime out of thin air where no white people were even involved, instead two muscle marys from Wakanda lmaoooooooooo. The left will continue to eat itself and the true patriots are just going to sit back, relax and watch the library tears flow come November 8, 2020
  11. Hoecha back on your meds girly 

  12. Some z lister now is he? He was front page news for the liberal media a few weeks ago... so what is the trooth libbies?