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  1. Good night COP! Going to bed thinking of how @Emailsb debut single will sound like! A boy can dream cant he?

    1. Emailsb


      Like an Eargasm. Hopefully lol. 

  2. Azealia's instagram sis... did you not read the OP I just knew i had to know more about this person! And best decision I ever made!
  3. He's an avant garde artist. I am sure he will do a Q&A with us in good time
  4. He OFFICIALLY starts recording in a few weeks, hold onto your wiggettes girlies! Sneak peak of his fashion for his debut era: I'm so glad i discovered him and convinced him to join COP just in time before he becomes a huge star @Emailsb
  5. OMG this thread gave me a heart attack when i saw it on the main boards, i thought LOP's admin had infiltrated
  6. No. You need to re-read what I said. "COP will actually have a star (unlike a certain someone)" I implied she's NOT a star lol.
  7. I can't wait for @Emailsb music based on these tweets COP will actually have a star (unlike a certain someone)
  8. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/hip-hop/8253415/azealia-banks-proclaims-herself-most-influential-female-rapper And well well well look who it is, COP's very own celeb @Emailsb
  9. She'll make about $8 an hour while she's there but she'll make more in the carpark after midnight when she's giving gobbies. $50 an hour?
  10. Eh, the straights can keep him. He's sorta in the Ed Sheeran league of attractiveness for me.
  11. Once again you need to cause a drama to get our members to go visit your site for 5 mins and make a few posts. Desperation is not cute. Try other avenue's of promotion instead of COP. By the way keep a look out in your email for my invoice. You owe me $$$ for all the promo we give you lol.