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  1. I've asked Manuela for a truce, I hope she comes to her senses and accepts it. This has to end, its not healthy.

  2. An incredible new feature is coming to COP, never ever seen before on a pop forum

  3. We just received some more screen shots of stuff they're saying about other valued COP mods like @Oh My Gaga and Elusive Loverboy. I never realised how vile some of them are, but this is the problem with group chats, they feed off each other's negativity and all of a sudden telling people to kill themselves becomes the new normal. I am so, so disappointed in some people i thought were great COP members partaking in the bullying. Literally breaks my heart.
  4. Also, the bulk of her 65 million sales are 99cent downloads, she's literally sold like 5 million albums
  5. Actually it DID give 1 point positive in reputation prior to me changing it. I've always seen it and used it as "condescending cookie". Not to be nasty but if a post wasn't worthy of a downvote or an upvote but i felt obliged to react in someway lol.
  6. Yes i was scouring that site for a trace of originality and i came across 3 new reactions so i added them Problem?
  7. I've added some new post reactions to the site so we can have some more fun I've always changed the "loving it" heart reaction to "love" so when something sad happens there's no confusion when people press that reaction because it can sometimes be confusing when people are using the heart reaction and the sub-title is "loving it". So now it's to show "love". The cookie reaction has also been changed to a neutral stance (no points added or deducted) so when you don't wanna downvote someone but you want to reaction you can use "Condescending Cookie" N.B. Newbies and Members now cannot use the downvote button. Also if you abuse the downvote button, we can remove that privilege for you so do not abuse it. Thank you. @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Newbies
  8. Creative and genius I love Ye's Donda necklace too, so cute.
  9. It does sound dated but it's still a bop. Why is it so important for something to not sound dated?
  10. I'm not going to have this as an argument thread, I'm not going to change my opinion on the discord chat after i've seen some horrible, horrible things said there not just about me but about the COP members here. They were not lies, they were literal screen shots and i've posted them here. There was definitely no misunderstanding. If you have any issues please DM me.
  11. I just want to say I've been completely 100% proven right over the last two days for the reason WHY I wanted to disassociate COP from the discord chats: because of how vile people can get on there. I honestly think it's sad that people cannot control themselves and want to make such nasty statements about other people just because they can't do it here. This is a pop music and culture forum. It will never be anything else. Whilst we have built a community on it, there should never be any need to urge people to kill themselves, make fun of people's mental health, bully people, slander them, etc. It's never THAT deep. But that's what it's been becoming lately. I am here to tell you that stuff is ending now. If you want to be completely vile to people then you are free to make an account on World of Pop, where i believe you can say and do anything because they've allowed truly terrible to be there including Beysus and a person who signed up 50 duplicate accounts here to spam us with porn and scat gifs. But that's on them, if they want to associate themselves with trolls then they have the power to do that now without my interference. COP will remain first and foremost a forum. Not a forum spawned off a chatroom. We're about the forum life here and that's how it's going to stay. I'm truly sorry to everyone innocent caught up in this drama. Now that i'll be running the place without Manuela I will get to make most of the decisions and I'll strive to make each decision as great as the last. #TeamCOP