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  1. The amount of times you have randomly quoted me about my so called obsession with Sicki Garbaj when I havenโ€™t even mentioned her! Get the fuck over it!
  2. Donutiators shit talking again whatโ€™s new
  3. Itโ€™s like watching a 5 year old tell their mom or dad how to drive properly from the backseat. Like sit down and shut up you donโ€™t know a thing
  4. Pre emptive win before she sweeps the Grammys. Someone put The Roach on sui watch tbh
  5. SJWs being a joke again :eartha:

  6. You really need to stop. I was talking about something completely innocent.
  7. Cardi is known as a bit of a joker As for Nicki sheโ€™s dead serious and dead pressed.
  8. Yassssss he is honestly such an amazing person and he gets a unfairly hated on here just because we have a friendship.
  9. Iโ€™d say Cardi. The Roach has been throwing shade at her all week and Cardi hasnโ€™t said a thing.