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  1. Well i've never heard of her until recently and i take notice of a lot of music.
  2. 10 million views with this in one month, i'm impressed. I mean hip-hop is notoriously homophobic but i'm inclined to think a butch lesbian would make it over an effeminate gay.
  3. Did you know The Drop Zone gave their twitter with 50, 000 something followers to FOTP and also redirected their site which had the same traffic as FOTP at the time to FOTP? Yet we still surpassed them
  4. At the end of year 2 we really can become big! But we need your help to keep the growth going! I'm excited! #LEGOO

  5. And make sure you have a thread title that is accurate and the context of the thread not just a tweet, provide some written info! 

  6. The best way you can help us grow is post news/chart info ASAP when u see it. This results our google results.

  7. At this point in time, COP is really starting to grow organically and is getting many new members daily without promo's. 

  8. UKMix and Lana Boards are next on the hit list (although we have no beef with them , just friendly competition)
  9. I wonder if youtube is going to give a larger slice of the ad revenue pie to these legitimate celebs who are going on there now (Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton, etc)
  10. So i signed up for a trial 30 day run on Alexa and you can see detailed website stats and compare COP to other sites From the USA alone (which accounts for 65% of our traffic), we are attracting 25, 000 UNIQUE visitors a month and over HALF A MILLION page views. That means, overall, we're almost getting ONE MILLION page views globally a month.
  11. Did they though? I'd like to see some receipts tbh... she LIED about the Retweeting (twice in the one video) when in actual fact she tweeted that shit out. Imo the whole thing is fake. Bitch is cooked, she's gone from 5.1 million subscribers to 4.8 million in just one week and the acceleration of subscribers leaving is getting even faster lmao (over 100k unsubbed today alone). At this rate she'll be below 4 million in another week.
  12. She is getting absolutely BODIED on youtube, the reaction videos/drama videos are going NUTS And she has over 400% more dislikes than likes on her video lmaooooo
  13. A reprehensible, vile, disgusting creature. I don't even want to refer to it as human anymore.
  14. Yes exactly sis. As soon as we found out there was a mod saying the n word on here (way less serious than pedophilia but very serious nonetheless) we took action and that person is no longer here on the forums. We love an effective mod team!
  15. The actual problem though is they don’t take the well being of their minors seriously and allow pedophiles to roam freely and furthermore, thrive as mods. How can you support that?