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  1. ive been listening to MonHOEpoly, you proud of me sis? :jan1: 

  2. Who will be returning for the 2 year reunion event on July 2 when we relaunch? I'll have a countdown of Cop's 100 highest posters with commentary on each one and you'll all be able to chime in and rihflect #SPREADTHEWERD #July2 #COPrelaunch
  3. Thats funny, because feminists actually love that
  4. OMG I LOVE YOU Ahmed's going to blow a fuse when he reads this sksksksks
  5. So I have some cute ideas for 3.0. Instead of banning all political talk, we will have ONE thread for ALL political discussion and there will be strict rules for the type of discussion that can be had in there to keep it respectful. I also want to condense the sections and lose about 1/2 of the sections and make it cleaner. I want to make it more youtube/instagram celeb friendly too so i have an idea for the sections to be: Music News & Charts General Music (with one thread pinned allowing for ruthless drags on artists) Online Buzz & Celebrity The Lounge Visual Entertainment Funhouse & Events and then of course the VIP sections and admin sections
  6. We have two weeks to the re-launch. I've just launched a new twitter group chat to help with planning! tweet us at @churchofpopnet to join it
  7. Weird projection coming from the stan of the woman who's career peaked mid 2011 with Super Ass and then nosedived six months later with release of "Stupid Hoe". You one to call out others for losing steam when yo girl nosedived? We aint forget sus!
  8. Cardi has another decade at least in the game, she's evolving her music rapidly. Press was a giant step up from past releases, and dropped a lot less than Ug-Li second week on the Hot 100.
  9. Did you just graduate from Tumblr's school of wokeness? I can't for how pathetic that was It always amazes me that people relate behaviour they consider trashy to black women. That's actually racist and i'm actually more woke than you! Step up sus!
  10. Well Nazi hasn't even been a one era wonder. What era of hers was successful? Stink Friday produced one top 5 hit skskskksks
  11. And people thought I was the sole problem sksksks. I admit my faults but I was far from the only problem lol