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  1. Hey guys I am so glad to see the site is picking up steam again, big things in the pipeline! Legggoooooooo!!! @Members @Moderators @VIP @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP Moderators
  2. White supremacy has no place in our civilised society
  3. Coming just delayedT I need help with promotional material, please message me with ideas x
  4. TODAY IS OUR SECOND ANNIVERSARY OMG! Two years ago we launched to much fanfare and here we still are much to the haters dismay two years later!
  5. ive been listening to MonHOEpoly, you proud of me sis? :jan1: 

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    2. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      what r they/?

    3. Mocha


      Bloodline and NASA :rip:

    4. Venus


      Ooop I’m proud