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  1. Guys i wont be commenting on THAT forum anymore, the members there (all 3 of them) are obsessed with me and anytime i mention or shade it they jump right on my comments. Interesting that theyre always here perched for drama and not there supporting that fLOP. I guess karma really is a bitch. x

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    2. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      Well i receive up to 50 screen shots a day with stuff thats said about me in that twitter chat yet when i respond on here with a few shady things i'm the immature one? That whole forum is "anti-Indie", it's pathetic! So yes i will shade them from time to time when i feel a response is necessary. 

    3. God


      It's a private chat with the sole dedication of hating you. Like a wise poet once said "Bitches ain't shit and they ain't sayin nothin. A hundred mothafuckas can't tell me nothin." Just ignore the chat and if you want to shade them don't do it so much. You are a frequent poster in this forum and it's kind of weird that a lot of what you have to say is about another pop forum.

    4. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      Yes being conservative on a forum full of Hillary voters is hard tbh