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  1. and @Believe In Furler i almost forgot the most DELICIOUS irony of all. Tony Abbott's electorate voted 70% FOR gay marriage, so that shows how liberals are VERY accepting of gays and gay marriage. Meanwhile western sydney (full of immigrants) voted against gay marriage You have nothing to support your claims liberals are homophobic, you're over sus!
  2. Spin spin spin lmaooooo. Facts dont care about yo feelings sus. FACT 1: Liberals delivered gay marriage. FACT 2: Labor were against it for the six years prior and didn't deliver it. FACT 3: Labor has has a large faction of red neck unioners who no doubt call each other "faggot" jokingly.
  3. Australian Liberal Party brought us gay marriage. Labor were against it for the six years prior when they in power Look it up, it's all true. Liberals WIN!
  4. We won my fellow liberals Honesty, integrity WON and divisive politicking LOST! ScoMo is a LEGEND! We better STAN!
  5. I'm off to vote in the Australian election today and I just cant bring myself to vote for the Labor Party due to their rampant communism and socialism so i will be voting Liberal. I'm sure the SJWs will be proud of me
  6. If I lost 100k in a day I would be suicidal. o r p s r a o a

    1. #Justice4JamesCharles


      Thats just me :jan1: not saying anyone should kill themselves obviously and nor do i wish that anyone. But chile that floppage, whew that is SOMETHING else. Alexa really does have the tea eh sis: :kelly: 

    2. #Justice4JamesCharles
  7. The cancel culture crew: "OMG WE HATE DRAMA! THATS WHY WE'RE LEAVING COP" Also, the cancel culture crew: *haven't left* *keep coming back* "WHERES THE DRAMA? WELL HERES SOME MORE..."