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  1. Queen of Rap coming for her fourth #1
  2. Boriana Donutande is pretentious and think she looks better than she does. Seltaco is humble and beautiful. I agree with your synopsis.
  3. What next? Normani is biologically fe- oop better not
  4. I saw going to be charitable and say "Normani ha future" but Normani wont even have a fraction of the success Ashanti had in her hey day
  5. Fixed lol He has no power here. Or even outside of the site, that COP exposed twitter has the lamest "tea" i've ever seen. The only thing that would maybe take people's interest is the paypal shit which was completely 100% made up and the person who made it up apologised for making it up....and the screen shot actually came from me when i explained what happened. His biggest tea is a bold faced lie. He's vile. I always just try and ignore shit like that knowing karma will catch up with these vile people some day.
  6. Exactly lol something always felt way too off with him and when he started baiting me and doing shit to get intentionally under my skin and then running off to the other mods/admins whenever i gave him WPs i knew he was trying to get rid of me. And why was he trying to get rid of me? Because i flat out told him he'd never be a mod here. sksksksks Maybe i shouldn't have said that but he's the type to pester until he gets his own way. He's become a global mod on a COP spin off FOUR TIMES now on FOUR DIFFERENT FORUMS. He's such a little puke.
  7. That kid tried to dupe everyone here into thinking he was sweet and innocent and he turned out to be the most awful little puke i've ever met in my entire life. I saw right through him from the beginning hence he never got that mod position he craved so much
  8. he's blocked us all because he's slandering me/outright lying on my name and we cant expose him on our real accounts since we cant' reply to the tweets. Imagine going through all of our members accounts and blocking everyone before they even tweet you. The obsession.
  9. No i'm just dyslexic with name changes At least i'm not darslexic
  10. waiT... i just realised you're "Dark Salvation" (name change feature sksksk) i cant
  11. Poor ting must be SEETHING at our continued success especially since the new W O P is a fucking darsaster FYI, i've also had messages from Petey Plastic and Pop Crave this LOSER has been desperately messaging them trying to "expose" me...they laughed at his futile attempts. Also.... our daily posts are on the rise again, we've inching slowly back towards 1k a day...currently between 500 and 800 a day even after being offline for two weeks and losing most of the old mod team COP, ha revival
  12. It does get better. Look at the change @Believe In Furler just made. From a literal darsaster to COP.