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  1. I just exposed the fuck outta E RAT TION in NHB. Go sip the tea gals http://churchofpop.net/topic/5151-hatecob-aka-e-mo-tion-come-on-in/?tab=comments#comment-135939

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    2. GilletteIsOverParty


      no its about an old member called E-MO-TION aka Jacob :lmfao: A tragic soul.

    3. Swift


      If it's an SJW I don't care. They can choke.:wendy24:

    4. GilletteIsOverParty


      Its the worst SJW ive ever encountered, a complete obsessed nutcase.. obsessed with exposing me as a trump supporter on the old forum :lmfao: now im out and proud. And obsessed with exposing me as a pedophile because i said brooklyn beckham was cute lol.... he's tragic u have no idea lol