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  1. A while back I had a very vivid dream of being in a car accident and I died in it and I woke up feeling like I had literally just died it was the weirdest experience ever and not particular pleasant
  2. welcome to COP @PopMusicLover make sure you make an introduction thread, dont be shy! we love newbies!

  3. This got 356 views and only reply. Yall got so much to say about white males but nothing now? Hmmm
  4. Is it because she's pregnant or are men being intimidated into silence now because of the me too movement? And does this expose that female secretly love being catcalled?
  5. Done. Sorry you were 'enus' for a second
  6. lets do it since they've never been active
  7. SCREAMING @ THIS TOP COMMENT "I was going to rape my wife, my daughter and my cat after dinner. But now I’m not going! Thank you Gillette!"
  8. There's no such thing as toxic masculinity lmao. It's a liberal buzzword, completely made up. Until a few years ago, it was never uttered.
  9. They need to change their slogan to: Gillette - The Best A Cuck Can Get
  10. Absolutely one of the worst songs i've EVER heard. And that's including songs by Minazi Garbaj