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  1. The racism is honestly too much for me to handle! That little skit at the end of "MonHOEpoly" is fucking CRINGEEEEEE bitch, "Clevis who's Cletus? Gurrrrrrrrl" Stop trying to act black you fucking white MIDGET! I've fucking HAD IT with the cultural appropriation and racism! Not under my watch Grenade!
  2. No rights and no career. Godga really won didn’t she?
  3. How can you stan Laym and have the nerve to come for Mariah and Gargoyle? Is this a joke?
  4. Don’t worry everyone I’m still here. I remain a fundamental drawcard.
  5. Fucking lies. I could hear her little blaccent a mile away! She’s pure evil!
  6. I wont have to do apology threads anymore, i'm always on trend
  7. I can’t let her continued racism go unchecked. I’m becoming very woke!
  8. I just listened to Grenade's new song "MonHOEpoly" and i've literally never been so repulsed in ALL MY LIFE. The level of cultural appropriation is off the charts (like the song ) 'I like women and men' is first of all a fucking lie. I've only ever seen her with someone slinging a third leg so what the fuck is she on about? Stop trying to attach yourself to our community you like STRUMPET! Second of all, that dialogue at the end of the song is BEYOND CRINGE WORTHY! I was literally wincing at this little tryhard speaking in that wannabe Beyonce blaccent with a southern twang. Take SEVERAL SEATS Nickelodeon girl, it wasn't that long ago your pale ass was looking paler than Casper the Ghost and eating white bread sandwiches with sprinkles and mayo. Culture was given to you on a lease, it can be easily taken back by POC as it should be. You little BITCH! Tik Tok Tik Tok (your career almost done and i can't WAIT!)
  9. We can only hope and pray. She deserves everything coming to her and more.
  10. Top 7000 in Saudi Arabia they love the pop and drama Maybe LOLra would come back