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  1. The Ki is he has people over here trying to drag me for shading them yet he's sneakily shading us and thieving from our website at every opportunity. It's why I'm not going to take my foot off his neck and remind of fLOP's total and utter failure when i feel like it
  2. Literally just dragged that user, the utter delusion
  3. Look at you stanning legendary lyrics! Been knew hen!
  4. Guys i'm actually bopping so hard to this, i wanted to hate it but i just can't I'm going for a run soon and this will be on rihpeat
  5. I've changed the recently popular widget to 2 weeks in length and changed it to 10 threads so we can get a better snapshot of recently popular threads, now Ariana's thread is on there for a few days since i wanted to see it there since its such a hit! 

  6. Mikki Minazi OMG I love you already, come through with originality sis! The CARBaj stans are shooketh to their coreth!
  7. They had a big pop crave promo yesterday and gained 50 new members Are they coming for our necks?
  8. The roach of rap WILL NEVER thrive in a Cardi B world :evilpatrick: 

  9. No, Ariallah is doing amazingly, Onazi continues to flop and NM4 keeps getting pushed back. Poor tingz
  10. Pigney can barely get out of vegas, she aint gonna revive anything.
  11. All eyes are on Ariallah right now, whilst Minazi continues to be paid dusT. Also, Cardi B's album track "I Like It" (zero promo, performances or push) is #12 on iTunes, only one spot below upChuck-Li and 13 spots ahead of Carbie Tingz. WHY?