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  1. Literally SO over the shady comments toward COP. The site is doing amazing... we keep improving every day.

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    2. Bobs Vagene

      Bobs Vagene


    3. jackgrande


      Go ahead sis... go do a Donald trump and be petty!

    4. Denis Stoff

      Denis Stoff

      it is doing amazing sis, just last few days its been quiet, all probably on holidays or busy drinking with there friends T-T 

  2. Is Cardi B's Bodak Yellow An Example Of Payola?

    This is literally pathetic. Carbz are still seething through their teefs over Cardi getting a #1 so effortlessly and their fave not being able to do it, i liiiiive for it
  3. Britney Spears about to Release New Music Video?

    The releases are coming quicker than ever with her because she realises no one cares anymore, the desperation truly has sunk in
  4. The lowlife festering race baiting beta males and unshaved pseudo lesbians at buzz feed can choke
  5. Stand Your Ground (Trigger warning)

    Sicki Garbaj makes me wanna Vile, vile, wretched woman.
  6. RIP Nicki Minaj

    Now that’s s thread title I’ve been anticipating Oh wait...👀 she’s alive? How unfortunate
  7. Ariana's dad is a Trump supporter

    Disgusting. She’s over.
  8. Cody Simpson: 12 to 42 in 6 years

    Don't lie, it was you We been knew your music taste is shit
  9. Cody Simpson: 12 to 42 in 6 years

    Literally wtf? I guess some white people really do age like milk. 2011: 2017:
  10. COP CHARTS | Camila gets her 2nd #1! Britney makes her debut!

    I'm not surprised by Camila slaying this forum, i've seen her stanbase getting more and more active recently and more stans trickling in.
  11. Mods can u immediately ban that new account. I’m at the beach, thanks 

    1. Cyrus


      I think I did it, not sure tho I've never banned someone before :wendyw:

    2. Bobs Vagene
  12. Artists who care too much about chart success?

    Sicki Garbaj. Literally talks about how so called "successful" she is in every fucking verse.
  13. Eminem's #Revival album tops USA iTunes

    Aim a little more realistically sis. More like... if Ciara can beat Eminem than so can Nicki
  14. Eminem's #Revival album tops USA iTunes

    Nicki beating Eminem? A ki sis.
  15. Eminem's #Revival album tops USA iTunes

    Holy shit, it's literally the worst business decision to come for Trump