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  1. Illuminati. She might just be Lucifer reincarnated.
  2. When someone is problematic as Garbaj then there is a lot of material to discuss and drag her with. Leave me alone!!!
  3. Exactly!!! Tidal exists to spread propaganda about its founders and associated acts including Sicki Garbaj.
  4. Wow sheโ€™s disgusting this is a total disregard to all of her fans including me. No longer a fan. Actually I kinda stopped caring about her when she started open season on white people. I canโ€™t help it Iโ€™m white Beyoncรฉ.
  5. Did you just admit that Nicki is a nazi and she supports a pedophile? Wow! I didn't even MENTION Nicki! The self own Love it!
  6. Obviously supporting a pedophile and being a nazi isn't enough for some. Sad.
  7. It's all SHE has left too and she KNOWS it. It's why she brags when she gets the tiniest glimmer of success Pathetic roach lmao
  8. Minazi's carbz cling to her one day itunes reigns because thats all she has left. All her songs end up bombing hardcore in the long run which is what actually matters lmao, a one day success on iTunes means fucking NOTHING these days especially in the era of streaming.
  9. Because you are making this thread about me when it's about Minazi Garbaj. Read the fucking OP. Bye, don't quote me.
  10. And you didn't answer my thread, instead you went on a near personal attack on me, the OP. You are the one that has to answer the question if you're coming into MY thread. I don't answer to you.
  11. Good god, can you people give it a bone? Accept that I will continue to drag the roach and move on. These type of posts just scream "give me upvotes".