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    can we get some love for russian LEGENDS? SEREBRO
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    Hey all, Since last week you might have noticed our site may respond slow, you get an 500/503 error or the site doesn't load at all. Our site is being targeted by some people with ddos attacks, today i got beyond pissed that i decided to install CSF. CSF is the best in the firewall business, And we hope the attacks are getting stopped by this. It could take up to a few hours before we get our full speed back. We love you all and we are striving to give you all the best of the best. Lots of love from, Church Of Pop staff
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    Hi there, my name is Victor and i'm from Brazil. I just joined the forum thanks to some admin that was doing some promo in the PopHatesFlops discord lmao. My faves are Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue. I also really adore the following UK groups: Take That, Sugababes/MKS and The Saturdays. I actually stan so many people, here's a few others: Charli XCX, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Caillat, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne. There's also some artists i really despise but i'll save that so no one will hate me for now One of my hobbies is to collect CDs and DVDs but sadly i haven't been able to do that so much because there's less and less stuff being released physically here and the currency of the dollar and euro has been so expensive to import sooo, here's hoping that 2019 will be a better year for that! If you want to ask something feel free to do so
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    *sigh* what has my life become. Im laying in bed crying because I just dont know. I was just asking my mums advice on something and she says shes getting worried im not applying for jobs and i spend my days doing other things. I am applying for jobs, but shes in her own made up world that im not. We had a screaming match, I said I would kill myself and she really just went to a place she shouldnt of, "you went from being praised by everyone to applying for fucking cleaning jobs"... I completely lost it, i started balling, I started looking for things to smash, I grabbed a jacket and went to the porsch to get my shoes. My brother tried restricting me so I went out the back barefoot and ran to the farm and cried there for half an hour. They were texting me saying I'm phoning the police etc. I'm back home now. My dad said we'll talk and resolve the issue, but the damage is done. I'm so angry and drained from the pressure people are giving me. I dropped out of college and im trying my best to find a 2nd job, im fighting myself every fucking day to stop my head from going to dark places and stay active. But its not good enough for people, they think they can take one look at me and decide what im doing is wrong. But they dont see me trying. Theres no denying im on a downfall, but what and how my mother said those words is soul crushing. I'm not a lazy person at all, I'm just trying to find my life after education and get my coin wherever I can. I hope this doesnt sound so cliche and rebellious but you dont know how stupid it is until you experience it. Im sorry if this was a lot to read i just needed to vent, a lot just happened and needed this for me to evaluate too. Thanks COP family
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    2 years of unemployment and I finally got a new job!
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    Officially back for a while JUST in time for my 1st year anniversary. Today marks exactly a YEAR since i joined COP. I missed you all , how's everybody doing? Oh, and happy easter! (for the ones who are celebrating it since it is currently easter in here too!)
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    Welcome to the 2nd Annual Church of Pop Grammy Awards hosted by yours truly, Black Beauty. The awards show will most likely be held on the 9th February, a day before the actual Grammy's. Last year we saw winners such as Lorde, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello,Nicki Minaj,etc went home with awards. This year who will be the most nominated and most awarded artists? Well we shall see! Here is how this is going to work. There are going to be 3 steps! Step 1- Submissions Stage ( this is where users submit various artists,songs and albums in the various categories) Step 2- Nomination Stage (this is where the top 5/6 artists are chosen from each category, each member have to choose 3 options each from the submissions list and the submissions with the most nominations will be in the final 5/6) Step 3- Voting Stage- (this stage is self explanatory, each user will vote for 1 option to win the particular category) then the show will take place Dates for Steps Step 1- December 13th- December 28th Step 2- January 4th- January 18th Step 3- January 21st- February 7th Awards Show- February 9th The following are the categories for the 2nd Annual COP Grammy Awards For the first step you have to PM you all of your submissions in an orderly fashion, please let it be easy to understand and title your pm so I can easily find it. The eligibility period for the COP 2nd Annual Grammy Awards is October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 Pick wisely and may the best talent win! Please meet the deadline, you guys have a lot of time to do this.
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    I've been teasing COP Phase 2.0 for a while now but because of a lot of prolonged drama I haven't been able to fully realise it. I am now in the official planning stage of COP Phase 2.0 and would like your suggestions for how we go about it and how we can maximise the re-launch of the site. Yes, that's right...we're essentially re-launching. Nothing will change except the theme. Everyone's posts and profiles and the forum itself will essentially remain the same, but we will be closing the forum for ONE DAY so we can build hype for the re-launch and come back for the back. The re-launch for COP Phase 2.0 will occur on January 2, 2019, exactly 18 months since we launched new COP. We are going to be having two massive promo slots (hopefully one on youtube and one on a bigger twitter influencer account) and we will be giving EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. MEMBER. VIP accounts for their first month. We really need all your help to fully maximise the potential this has for the site. We need promo videos.... Promo banners.... New events for the new year that will include the newbies... A slogan for the relaunch. Like... "Guess Who's Back?" And we'll need help with an updated site banner and logo (not too different but definitely fresher for the new year). Let's get to brainstorming girlies And mark January 2 in your diaries! (we'll close on January 1 and re-open on January 2) @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    SO.... the things you guys just saw is true. Your favorite ex-global-moderator/resident navy is back. the real DESPERATE of this house is HERE. I know, a lot of things happened and the last week before i deleted my account was a MESS. But i'm always open for a brand new start, open to let all these trash go away. I missed "some of you". It's been the craziest month of my life after i deleted my existince from this site but i wanted to make a little cute return now. For helping me to stay calm during all of this mess happening, i would like to thank my lovely friends who are currently on the other site, Manuela and the most importantly @Ahmed Love you all. And by the way: No, i'm not gonna try to be a mod again for those who are curious about it. But my existince and also legacy will stay *HERE* Ugh, my new era is here.... finally. Hope to chat & spill some hot tea with you soon With love, -Desperado
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    I feel like it's been too long since we got a new gaycat so... :gaycat7:
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    COP's Legends Panel is now here for the long awaited MEMBERS EDITION! Every single day I'll be posting a new member. The criteria to be eligible to be included on the Legends Panel is a minimum three months of membership and 1000 posts+. Who will be inducted into the LP Hall of Fame? Who will fall short? Who will be a total flop? Get ready for the greatest shit show of all time! PREMISE: Y'all will rate how much of a legend the member in question is out of 100 points with 100 being supreme legend and 0 being total flop. You must decide along the spectrum from 0 to 100 where the member belongs. You can also use the scale below to help you make your decision (this will also act as the rankings for the cumulative score of the member when all points are added up). Legend - 90% Icon - 70% Established - 50% Rising Star - 30% Bubbling Under - 10% Flop - 0% If a member gets a cumulative score of 90% or more, they will be inducted into the LP Hall of Fame. For any member that falls short, they will be listed in their appropriate category and all final score percentages will be next to their names. The Legend Panel Hall of Fame: Icons: Established: Rising Stars (Or somewhat established): Bubbling Under: Flops:
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    me trying to reach the word count on my essay OT: 100/100.
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    This has been my recommended section since the new rule has come into force. Now, I'm all for free speech, but what about these threads convinces anybody to lose weight? It just contributes to the pain they might already be suffering. I know that it's certainly not making me feel better about myself. Do we really want newcomers seeing these threads and giving them this impression of us? Let's please be better. There's no need for this.
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    If he banned everyone that got into an argument or drama with him there'd be close to nobody left
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    :ariicant: or :icantari: We need help @99sandthe2000s edit:
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    New Upcoming Artist and Legend in the Making Pop Viral Star Ava Max! UPVOTE PLEASE!!
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    Ho Ho Ho Or in some cases, Hoe Hoe Hoe Merrrrrrrry Christmassssssss COPers! Get some egg nog, glazed ham and Christmas pudding and come be festive with us on this joyous occasion! We'll be sitting by the fireplace raiding our stockings with each other and looking out the windows watching the snow fall! I also can't wait to give you all your Christmas present on January 2: COP Phase 2! In return, if any of you can gift us a donation in return, we'll be forever thankful More $ = more promo! - Kingdie & The COP Team
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    @Swagga asked me to perma ban them and it's the Holidays so they got their wish.I
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    Do you want blind followers who are okay with you being hated by everyone as long as you keep spoiling them individually with privileges or do you want people who will make you grow and be a better person by pointing out areas where you can be better at? @PiersMorganStan The answer to this simple question really determines everything. If you are going with the first option then you will always be hated and nothing will change for you in here since you are not growing/reaching your full potential; you will keep doing the same mistakes that resulted in people leaving you the first time and you will pretty much isolate yourself from the rest of the forum EVERY TIME, if you went with the latter, then there's a chance for you to be a better person. Break the cycle. The choice is yours. The key to solve your problems with each of those "snakes" is to actually have an open dialogue with them so you can understand what went wrong. Honestly them coming back again proves that there's still a chance for everything to go right again (unless they are the troll type, in this case a swift ban is a must!). If you don't have an open dialogue with them/keep ignoring their messages to you then don't be too surprised when they go to other places and vent out of frustration. Don't be too hurt as well. I don't condone backstabbing behavior at all but i'm pointing out your part in it so you can work on it. As a general advice to you: separate indie the admin from tom the person. You can dislike a member for whatever reason (as tom) but as an admin (as indie) it's better for you to stay professional and brush everything off since you NEED the activity and the post count .
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    I told u this is not fat AT ALL, this is what you call thicc. Now yall need to stop calling everyone who aint slim "fat".
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    I really miss this precious COPer @Blue Sunshine, I miss reading her posts in the COP room, her iconic taste, her humility, her impressive knowledge of 90s music, her irreplaceable personality. Please come back Heather, we all miss you and you are loved here
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