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    Got that look like you don't careActing like a milionaireBoy you got me dancingGot no worries, got no caresDoesn't trouble everywhereGot me dancing, got me dancing, dancing
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    karma is real whew
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    she is a business savvy but she ain't an artist
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    I guess her writing camps should own her songs’ masters if that was the case
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    Well, honestly , I’ve seen Rihanna stans bragging first about her owning her masters in Taylor related threads (on ATRL at least), otherwise none of them would came for Rihanna tbh
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    You would since she isn’t part of Big Machine anymore nnn
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    they make it harder if they are valuable, otherwise they just give them away at a reasonable price
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    it's not like she earns that much from those songs even if she owns the masters nnn most of the royalties go to writers and producers
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    what's the correlation between Rihanna not writing her lyrics to Taylor being a label slave tho? + most contracts are shitty for artists at first Taylor's idea was actually good to fight for her masters, giving a push for other artists to do the same, despite it coming from egotistic reasons though
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    you're welcome ! good luck also
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    Hey, y’all! I just got permabanned from ATRL for inquiring about the name of a p0rn star. Tbh, ATRL was my life and I made lots of friends there so I’m lowkey depressed. I’m already liking the setup of this forum better though and there are no 503 errors in sight , so if you have any advice to give to prevent me from being banned from yet another forum, that’d be great. About me: I’m 21 years old and stan Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Kacey Musgraves, Shakira, and Selena Quintanilla. I also enjoy BANKS, Janelle Monáe, Enya, Billie Eilish, Marina, Rosalía, Dua Lipa, and Céline Dion. Can’t wait to get to know all of you! Disclaimer: if I should have contributed to the introduction thread, inform me and I’ll delete this.
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    They stan Zayn... thats enough to tell you
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    I agree that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th look were kind of basic... but the first look was camp - especially with the length of the train, and that waggon was was dragged around
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    It won't stop people immediately, but the rule is updated and there. Mods can be more strict on it to stamp out racism/bigotry. That includes the one who created the rule Lets reunite the forum and bring forth this new era
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    Nnnn its so basic The production is VERY minimal... at least Justin is providing some runs This is like Shape of You meets Cheryl Cole's I Don't Care... its a no from me. I need a bop from Justin, not this trash
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    Happy Birthday, sorry it got ruined by carrot head
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