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    Love seeing the slow trickle of users ive not seen logged in forever coming in. Slowly but surely....
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    I'm back bitchesszzzzz I sure as heck ain't taking shit from people this time so if you wanna start something come at me and see what happens That aside, hey guyss! I love pop music, especially dance pop and lots of other genres like rock, metal, dance, rap and more
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    Hello, I'm previous COP member that had the privilege of joining again. Glad to see Cop is back as it hold many memories with me Western Artist Stan List: Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Kim Petras, Rina , HER, Taylor Swift and whole bunch of other people I don't feel like listing but those are who I mainly stan K-Pop Stan List: BTS, Ever Glow, Red Velvet, Black Pink Solo Idol stan list: Irene (Red Velvet) Mia (Ever Glow)
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    I'm Indie! I love female rap basically. Lizzo, Iggy, Cardi, Azealia, etc etc. I don't do roaches though :p
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    first promo will be later today on PopCrave!
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    I am so beyond pleased to announce that we have officially relaunched. It has been a long tiring journey getting to this stage where I actually felt ready to relaunch it but I can safely say I am in a terrific place mentally and definitely not going to let negativity and pure hate get in the way of this once great community that will surely rise again! Important things to note about the relaunch: No I haven't spent any money on it...yet. But that's coming. This is basically a soft launch to get some interest back in the site until I come out guns blazing. There's no massive facade change. Just small changes to the widgets and a few sections merging, renames, things like that. Just small aesthetic changes. All older posts have been archived and things that were in the VIP sections have been admin archived (never for public view again). I've cleaned up the twitter account and changed the password as there were things appearing on the account that were obviously being posted by enemies of COP to try and make us look bad. I want you all to leave the negativity and fights and drama in the past. I will set up a new thread for mod applications in just a moment so please don't hesitate to apply because we need a fresh new team. Create A Label is definitely coming back to COP thanks to @Joanne. If you have any other ideas for events, let me know! Other than that....get posting, spread the word on twitter that we're back and let's get back to business! @Members @Newbies @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    For all the existing members to re-introduce themselves and re-connect
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    I'm happy to be back.
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    @Elusive X @dweebz @Msl @Ms. Knee @stop deleting shit @KarenFromFinance @L U K E and anyone i've wronged or fought with in the past, i want you to know i miss you all and I am sorry for anything that's transpired. I would sincerely like to move on, not just for the sake of the site but for my own sake. Personal growth must continue! I hope we can set aside our differences
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    I am here for this new COP! It's fun, exciting and almost like starting over from complete scratch. Cannot wait to see the community grow again.
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    None of the mods are active and they all need to be replaced at this point.
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    The Weeknd has really good music for when it's winter time, you're driving with the heater on and it's cloudy. Bonus points if it's raining. A vibe...
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    Exactly right sis! Are you in contact with any of the older people from this site? Can you link them to this thread please?
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    It's okay! We've all said and done problematic things we regret. What matters now is that we learn from them so it doesn't happen again.
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    It's OK and i want to apologise to you as well for my behaviour. I've mostly done things for attention or a quick ki. I've even entertained the idea of using the n word to get the attention i truly craved but i could never go through with it because i'm not actually racist. I hate racists and bigotry in general. I hate that I have ugly ideas for attention.
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    Love this thread and the energy it's displaying. I've apologized to numerous people on here but I don't mind doing it publicly. I'm not going to sit her and pretend like I'm some angel. I have made disgusting jokes and remarks that I thought were funny. It's no excuse, but I think stan culture in general and the anonymity of the internet allows people to say the vilest thing for validation, a kii or just to get a reaction. It's honestly so stupid in hindsight. My actions and words over the years have been despicable, deplorable and disgusting. I've made jokes about those topics that are very serious and affect a lot of people (like making jokes about gaga hip, britney mental health etc etc). Karma kinda hit me the first hand when with these jokes as I've had a health scare last year and my mom had a cancer scare. Since last year, I've been making an effort to educate myself as to why these" jokes" aren't funny and over-all be less problematic so that nothing like these "jokes" ever happen again. I've been trying to grow as a person and I think I'm making strides and that starts by apologizing and being less problematic. Overall, I just wanna say I'm truly sorry and hope y'all can accept my apology.
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    Breakout hit is a stretch. Liar is about to pass motivation on radio audience, both are tanking on itunes, both tanked on youtube, and liar will pass motivation on spotify once it has some more time.
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    Mod Applications are officially open! Please apply for a global mod position by DMing me with an application telling me about yourself and why you would be right for the position. We are looking for people who are going to be VERY active on the site (at least here several hours a day) and who can be pro-active in moderating the boards and keeping it clean.
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    I am so beyond excited to finally announce that this is all finally happening. #COPrelaunch is almost upon us. In less than 24 hours we'll get a fabulous facelift, all posts from up until today will be archived but still accessible and we'll have some fabulous new promotions. Plus a relaunched 'Create A Label' thanks to the fabulous @Joanne. We're coming back bigger, better, woker! Please dispel any negative thoughts you have about this or HAD about it and get back on the #MCGAtrain. Choo Choo! All aboard on the COP Express! NOTE: COP will go down for a few hours before we relaunch obviously to prepare for the relaunch! @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    It's been a week since you posted this when are we getting some news.
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    I am so here for this :excited:
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    $500 on a dead forum...You're gonna need to fix its bad reputation first.
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    you say this every month lmao
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