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    Love my COP sisters but we need to all chill, this is a good music space let's not let anything come between that
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    I accidentally assaulted one of my work mates today and I basically hate myself now. I wish I was joking ... I seriously almost quit the job bc if it.
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    Everyone better show up to the COP awards tomorrow @ 4PM EST k goodnight hoes
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    The red carpet show is starting!!! Everyone come post your looks!
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    Since some members mentioned transgender rights which I agree on I would like to add body image issues, the social norms for the "right body" are more strict in the gay community, especially how people use their preference as an advantage to slander people's bodies that don't fit their merits
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    it feels kinda weird actually being able to buy something myself, it’s been a damn long time since I’ve been able to do that. Sad, I still feel bad about doing it. I guess that’s never gonna change.
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    My cat likes to sit on my foot then bite my toe.
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    Poor darsaster, he is such a failure!
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