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    Drag Race & Music Wars will come this week! Sorry for the inactivity as I’ve been sick and it’s assessment time at school!
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    I think you meant to ask if she's anything short of a good business woman. A savage, smart, sexy business woman who knows how to get the money in full and with a lil extra on the side. The way you people take something good and turn it upside down all because of petty jealousy is laughable. She's a smart bitch, you and your faves should try and get smarter and more business savvy. Maybe that way they'll finally be able to match her acclaim. So please just take a seat, but at the back, before you infect/influence us with poor business choices. (PS: if you go into business and you ain't playing to get the biggest paycheck, you are just naive. This world isn't made for bottom feeders that can't maximize opportunities and only take scraps... Oop!!)
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    This was all before any of y’all were even born. This was before I was born. Times were very very different then and unfortunately this behavior was more the norm. A lot of the things that go on in Looney Tunes cartoons are problematic af by today’s standards, but no one batted an eye when they first came out. Now, should they stop exposing young ones this shameful era of LT? Yes, absolutely. Will they? I doubt it bc it’s a fucking cash cow. They’ve rebranded Bugs over and over through the years to appease people but it never seems to work.
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    What an amazing performance by Madonna. Her tone on LAP was stunning, so rich.
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    Let’s not blame Bugs Bunny here, when he’s just a fictional character Let’s blame the company that created all of this!
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    I honestly don't care about this entire story. Both himself and tatiTALE WestCrook seem like awful people to me. I personally won't make a 40 min video ruining someone i claimed to cherish so much. Or maybe i'm just not a vengeful person ...
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    I’m graduating high school in 30 days and I’ll be going to college in late August to study Sociology, so that’s exciting but bittersweet at the same time. Honestly, just trying to get the last of my homework done and keep up with everything. I work at a retirement home and have been there for 3 years, but a year or two into college, I wanna quit and look for a new job that I’d think I’d like. Once I graduate college, I wanna move out of state for the next 4 years. I’m thinking Toronto or LA. Toronto because I’ve always been obsessed with Canadian culture and have actually never travelled or lived outside of the country before, which is what I’d really love to do. LA because it’s a gorgeous city and one of my older brothers used to live there. I’m leaning more towards Toronto, but I have another 4 years to figure that decision out. That’s my current life situation if anyone is interested. It’s not all perfect, but my life is alright for now. I’m excited for the future though and these next 4 years of my life that I’m nervous but ready to start!
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    Didn’t you call James Charles a sexual predator repeatedly over the last week??
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    Grieving after the loss of one of my closest online friendships. I am the most loyal bitch you will meet. I am RIDE OR DIE with my friends, just give me the same energy. But once thats lost it's lost forever. It can't come back. But i am also focusing on personal growth and the growth of this website. We're going to make a comeback soon sweaties, I am putting all the pieces into motion.
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    I cannot fucking stand James Charles... however I cannot fucking stand tenfold Twitter blowing up any bit of controversy for a bit of meme and giggles. Twitter has such a negative impact on society, mental health and the media. Remember when Twitter stan culture has uplifted anyone? No? Me either!
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    I work full time at H&M as a store manager, say what you want about it but I earn enough to live comfortably and own my own apartment so I’m happy with it
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    Feels like I'm the only one online
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    I'm currently trying to figure out which Masters degree i wanna study, such a stressful time cos i need to put the application in soon
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    This award has been elusive for several of the pop girls, including the uber acclaimed Madonna and Janet. Beyoncé's legacy will be perfectly fine without one.
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    ...but all eyes on us in the center of the ring just like a circus We're doing AMAZING sweeties... well at least in terms of alexa web traffic... we're up at the moment. And I am excited to announce a new theme is coming around about May 22 (after we get that adsense cheque). We'll also be doing a promo (likely not on twitter this time) and i'll be sourcing a professional for a new logo and look. I hope to have all this done by my birthday on June 1 for the NEW ERA! They tried to bring us down but we will continue to be the beautiful phoenix we are and thrive!
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    Funny how you made this thread everyone remembers when your name was SmolletforPrison and then five seconds ago your name was Tati make up your mind lol.
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    wb @Ms. Knee we all missed you. #nomoreapproval #sorry
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    every time I get on COP I see that damn ad. I looks at the shoes and get all sad bc I can’t have them.
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