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    From today on, we'll be issuing warning points for any insult on an artist that is personal and/or vile. Examples include making fun of Selena Gomez's lupus, making fun of Demi Lovato's weight, making fun of drug addiction, mental illness, anything that an artist has experienced in the past or currently experiences/suffers from/deals with that is negative. I'm sure many of you will be disappointed about this and that it's affecting "Free speech" but there's always twitter where you can be as nasty as you want. This is a community and we need to be as diplomatic as possible. And as @vendettaswift put it, it doesn't mean that BG's won't be any less messy. There will just be less members hating each other for making despicable comments now. Please like my post as acknowledgement @VIP @VIP Verified @Moderators
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    Greetings Church goers! I am beyond thrilled to finally share with all of you the forum's latest installed update, and let me tell you, it's a feature almost no other music forum has! This whole idea started off based on a casual conversation with fellow staff member Beysus, and within seconds it evolved into a whole concept that's idiosyncratic to COP! We wanted to engage more people in active thread-making in Charts Central, but I knew that was a modest vision so I took it upon myself to expand the idea into something much more grand; something that's loud and dynamic. Something that screams Church of Pop with all its glory! I've kept everyone on their toes long enough so without further ado, I'm honored to OFFICIALLY announce that trophies and medals have finally arrived at COP! With this new feature, you will be able to win awards based on certain achievements that can be unlocked within the forum! Whether it's for reaching a certain milestone of reputation points, having been registered for over four-hundred days, have previously won the day, or even creating a gaming event! There are SO many awards you can earn and we still haven't run out of ideas! In fact, we have more coming in store when time's due. I've worked for hours mastering and perfecting and editing all the small bits and pieces for each and every award with a much needed help and assist from Nicki Minaj, who not only believed in the idea from the beginning but also helped me set up this whole project! We've made a great team, and with his help the awards have been successfully placed on our database. Soon enough, I will post a list of all the trophies and medals one can earn, but for now, happy hunting and hope you like this update! P.S. Please be informed that certain trophies related to your forum statistics (such as your post count and reputation points) may take up to several hours before they're displayed on your profile, so sit tight and be patient! @Administrators @VIP Verified Mods @Moderators @Section Moderators @VIP Verified @VIP @Members @Newbies
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    We just NEED a Rihanna badge and ya'll know it . No forum would be complete without one! Upvote this post so it becomes a reality Look at these cute icons for some examples~ Here's an excellent image you can use! It's one of Riri's best.
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    Recently, we've dealt with multiple members firing repugnant comments about people's weights and it has reached a limit that we, the staff members, have felt it has gone way too far. Several members have approached us feeling quite repelled by some comments being made and people felt they were being generalized into categories based on their weight. The morale of the forum has been dropping steadily ever since these nasty attacks spread around the forum and we will no longer allow that to happen. From now on, ANY discussion about fat shaming and offensive comments towards obesity/excessive weight will NOT be allowed outside of No Holds Barred. If any member decides to step over their boundaries and make remarks about weight that are repulsive, we will simply hide their post and issue warning points with no questions asked. Next time you want to stoop so low as to insult and categorize people for their weight, think twice. @Administrators @Members @Section Moderators @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Newbies
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    This list is of members who've acquired equal to or greater than 1,000 up votes. All points will be rounded to the nearest 100. I will update this list daily and keep track of the chart positions. Represents moving up on the chart. Represents moving down on the chart. Represents no movement on the chart. TOP 10 [email protected]!nk: 16,600 [email protected]: 13,500 [email protected]: 12,800 [email protected]: 10,100 [email protected]: 9,100 6. @Kylie Minogue: 7,600 (+2) 7. @Taylor Trump: 6,700 (-1) 8. @Ms. Knee: 6,500 (+4) 9. @Nicki Minaj: 6,300 (-1) 10. @Sempiternal: 5,900 (+3) TOP 20 11. @life13swift: 5,800 (-1) [email protected] Goduilera: 5,600 (-1) [email protected] MJ: 5,500 (+2) 14. @Ray of Light: 5,300 (+2) 15. @robi: 5,000 (-6) 16. @Sokka: 4,700 (-2) 17. @lanadel: 4,700 (+3) 18 @Nacht: 4,300 (+5) 19. @Moebius: 4,200 (+2) 20. [email protected]: 3,900 (-2) TOP 30 [email protected] My Gaga: 3,800 (-4) 22. @KarenFromFinance: 3,700 (-3) [email protected] Boy: 3,600 (+1) [email protected] Swift: 3,600 (+6) 25. @Khris: 3,300 (-3) [email protected] Harmony: 2,700 27. @Harmonia: 2,700 (+7) 28. @Dangerous Woman: 2,600 (+6) 29. @CarlySlayJepsen: 2,600 (-4) 30. @Adam: 2,400 (-2) TOP 40 31. @MSL: 2,400 (+10) 32. @Bleh: 2,400 (-1) 33. @moonlightgrande: 2,300 (+16) HIGHEST AIRPLAY GAINER [email protected] In Furler: 2,300 (+1) 35. @jackgrande: 2,300 DEBUT 36. @Dirkje: 2,300 (- 9) 37. @Homojénik: 2,300 (+10) 38. @LegendaryWitness: 2,300 (+10) 39. @Unbeyleivable: 2,200 DEBUT [email protected] Angel: 2,200 (+4) TOP 50 [email protected]: 2,200 (+2) 42. @The Roof: 2,100 (-9) 43. @Kacsa: 2,000 DEBUT [email protected]: 2,000 (+2) 45. @ACT2: 2,000 (-7) 46. @Jenna: 2,000 (-10) 47. @Poppy of COP: 2,000 (-9) 48. @Prism: 1,900 (-3) 49. @ColdInside: 1,800 DEBUT 50. @Trainwreck: 1,800 (+2) 51. @praisethelorde: 1,700 (-1) [email protected]: 1,700 (-10) 53. @FlorianLovato: 1,500 DEBUT 54. @bee: 1,500 Second DEBUT 55. @Lemons: 1,500 DEBUT 56. @KnightofCrescentLovatic: 1,300 DEBUT 57: @JusHeather: 1,300 DEBUT 58. @HQzaynmalik: 1,300 DEBUT 59. @Miley: 1,200 DEBUT 60. @Taron Egerton: 1,200 DEBUT 61. @Moonlight: 1,100 DEBUT 62. @AALIYAH DANA: 1,100 DEBUT 63. @raven: 1,100 DEBUT 64. @demimaniac: 1,100 DEBUT 65. @Breakdown: 1,100 DEBUT 66. @AngryAzalean: 1,100 DEBUT 67. @martlite: 1,000 DEBUT 67 members so far have reached 1k or more in reps. Congrats! Non-active members will be removed after 2 weeks of no activity.
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    So yeah! This is no clickbait... I have decided to leave Church Of Pop indefinitely. This is not a decision i’ve made out of anger or hate towards the forum or its members, but rather one that came naturally to me. I’ve just realised I want to move on from online forums and the stan world. There’s many other things I want to try out and spend my time on, and for worse or for better I am in a very different place in my life than the one I was at when I first joined. I had so much fun here and made a few very good friends along the way. I enjoyed the music discussion and, well, the drama too. COP was a great pastime during the past year for me and it really helped me deal with various irl situations. I want to particularly thank @Tattooed Heart for being so loyal and a great, caring friend. I will not forget you or all of the long conversations we’ve had and I’ll try my best to keep in touch! To my other rock who I’ve sometimes hated but at the end of the day was there for me most times, @hammer thank you so much as well. Also, to @Desperado, @Black Beauty ?, @Salvatore, @Nicki Minaj, @MDNAInMyRebelHeart, @raindrops, @Dirkje, Marnie, @Oh My Gaga, @jackgrande, @Treacherous Lovatic, @life13swift, @Maren Swift and various others who I’m sorry for forgetting!: you all were very supportive of me at some point and I am glad I met you all here. Thanks for being a part of my forum experience. I hope everything goes well for you all and will try to check in with you sometime! Lastly I want to thank the mod team and @Softer Than A Homosexual for trusting me and allowing me to be a part of it. I had a lot of fun and am sorry if I let you down by quitting all of a sudden. I wish COP and all of you the best, and hope we get to see each other sometime soon. But for now..... Good night COP
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    We need a stanbadge for queen Inna, the best-selling Eastern European act and queen of Romania! @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    P!nk deserves +20 more upvotes
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    Miley Cyrus and please use my avatar as her icon
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    Strict you call us strict, don’t make me laugh. We only do not tolorate racism and body shaming which should be normal etiquette.
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    Guys... please do not laugh at me i'm so distraught right now. So i rocked up to work today at 9, i'd been blasting CupcakKe in my car on the way there. I walked through the door to the office (today i was helping the owner do some technical stuff with vending machines) and i had my phone in my pocket. He was on the phone to a really important client and i just sat on the sofa waiting for my shift to start. Little did i know the bluetooth speaker i had been using in the office was still switched on....and still connected to my phone. Literally next second... Hump me Fuck me Daddy better make me choke I freaked the fuck out because a) it came on SUPER loud that i jumped and b) it was probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me...i didn't even dare look at my boss who's client on the phone had no doubt heard this. I pulled out my phone to try and stop the song but OF ALL THE FUCKING TIMES IT HAD TO FREEZE IT FUCKING FROZE! Hump me Fuck me My tunnel loves a deep throat This was like the longest song chorus in all my life, every milli-second was MORTIFYING beyond all belief. My boss shouted at me "CAN YOU FUCKING TURN THAT OFF NOW!" As i raced to go find the speaker, the song continued... Lick lick lick I wanna eat yo dick But i cant fuck up my nails So imma pick it up with chopsticks You guys have literally no idea how embarrassing this was playing in front of a conservative old white guy who no doubt had never heard ANYTHING like this in his life. Anyway i had no idea where the speaker was even though we could fucking hear it... the song went on and fucking on and i literally wanted to curl up and die with every word she uttered. My boss had at this stage gotten up from his seat, had seemingly hung up on the client and was now staring at me while i looked for the speaker. Probably after 10 seconds later when i located it, i will never forget the last few lyrics that we both heard... I wanna blow bubbles with sperm After i had switched it off my boss went the FUCK off at me. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THIS IS BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE!" BLAH BLAH BLAH. I tried to explain to him but he said there was no excuse and that i had just potentially jeopardised a huge client for the company and that he had no choice but to fire me. So that was my day. Fired for listening to CupcakKe. And still mortified for life. I am still red from the embarrassment
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    just realised i’ve officially been on COP for one month, i’m so happy I took notice of the PopCrave advert on twitter and clicked the link. COP has literally slayed my existence and over this month i’ve met so many nice and woke af people (met some vile people along the way but we got rid of those bitches and made COP a better place for good ), and this sounds so sad but it’s become low key a big part of my life and i’ve only been here a month. what i’m trying to say is i’m thankful for COP, and here’s to many more slaying months full of messy but respectful stan wars! i’m also officially certified 4x platinum by RIAA. in the words of the mess that is tessa Brooke’s, the competition’s shook! thanks y’all
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    I really feel I would be an active and responsible member to the team I am mostly unbiased and feel like I can be a useful member to the team Good luck to everyone else
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    Hello everyone, i hope you're all well I come to you with some troubling and disturbing news to say the very least. The owner of another forum has been making fallacious statements about me being a "pedophile" (this has LONG been debunked and it was born from me making a comment 2 years ago just before Brooklyn Beckham turned 18 where I simply commented on a thread of his and said "cute". It was a non-sexual comment and there was NOTHING sexual about it. SJW's of course did their thing and here we are). How do I know he's been making these comments? Today he exposed his personal account on here @NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg and posted a now deleted thread claiming I was a pedophile (without receipts of course because they simply do not exist). Why did he do this all of a sudden you might ask? Because a week ago I exposed HIS forum of being a safe haven for pedophiles after I exposed him promoting a well known pedophile on pop forums to their moderator team (after he had THREADS ON HIS OWN FORUM FROM VICTIMS BEGGING HIM NOT TO). Now since his forum has declined and fallen under our forum on Alexa web traffic, he's desperately trying to save face and put the pedophilia thing back onto me when you cannot find someone on DETESTS and ABHORS pedophiles and pedophilia more than myself. So Sean, your lies end here once and for all. You are the one who supports pedophiles and out of the two of us, I'm the only one who has receipts because receipts for the claim YOU made do not exist and never did. P.S. Here at COP we take underage member's safety very very seriously. If an older member is sexually harassing you then message one of our admin team immediately with receipts and action will be taken promptly. @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Newbies @Members @Administrators @Section Moderators
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    His album was bad, Shape of You was generic Grammys shouldn't be rewarding people based on sales Sometimes the interviews this ginger satan does just rubs me off the wrong way
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    Your favs just can't live up to the greatness that is the iconic Phineas & Ferb character, Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P. He defeats evil on a daily basis, something Katy Perry failed to do with "Swish Swish" He is thicc and can shake his real backside. Can Nicki relate? He can do acrobatics. P!nk who? He can play the guitar at a much more advanced level than Taylor. He refuses to bathe, giving Post Malone a run for his money. He also has the ability to look like he's 8. Ariana can only go down to 12. Face it. Perry the Platypus outsold, outperformed, outgrossed and outtalented. Your favs just can't keep up.
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    Will try to update this whenever I can! I will be rounding to the nearest hundred. TOP 10 1. @P!nk: 6,800 Posts 2. @robi: 5,700 Posts 3. @Cyrus: 5,300 Posts 4. @Sempiternal: 5,100 Posts 5. @badgallaura: 3,800 Posts (+3) 6. @TeamCardiB: 3,800 Posts 7. @CUZiCAN: 3,500 Posts (-2) 8. @kipperskipper: 3,600 Posts (-1) 9. @Kylie Minogue: 2,900 (+5) 10. @Nicki Minaj: 2,900 Posts TOP 20 11. @Khris: 2,700 Posts (+7) 12. @Ms. Knee: 2,700 Posts (+8) 13. @Sokka: 2,700 Posts (-4) 14. @Ray of Light: 2,600 Posts (+5) 15. @Stars Are Blind: 2,500 Posts (-4) 16. @life13swift: 2,500 Posts (-1) 17. @Impossible Prince: 2,500 Posts (-1) 18. @All Neon Like: 2,500 Posts 19. @KarenFromFinance: 2,400 Posts 20. @Dirkje: 2,400 Posts (-3) TOP 30 21. @Dangerous Woman: 2,300 Posts (+2) 22. @Nacht: 2,200 Posts (+2) 23. @ACT2: 2,200 Posts (-1) 24. @Oh My Gaga: 2,200 Posts (-3) 25. @Fifth Harmony: 2,100 (+1) 26. @CarlySlayJepsen: 2,100 Posts (-1) 27. @R A D A R O U T S O L D: 1,900 (+10) 28. @justcatchmedemi: 1,800 Posts (+2) 29. @Narcotic: 1,800 Posts (-2) 30. @Who Shot Candy Warhol?: 1,800 Posts (-2) TOP 40 31. @The Boy: 1,700 Posts (+3) 32. @lanadel: 1,700 Posts (+1) 33. @IsThatSaraS: 1,600 Posts (-4) 34. @Adam:1,600 Posts (-3) 35. @Harmonia: 1,600 Posts (+5) 36. @Bleh: 1,500 Posts (-4) 37. @Believe In Furler: 1,500 Posts (-1) 38. @tragicgabriel: 1,400 Posts (-3) 39. @Moebius: 1,400 Posts (+1) 40. @Britney Spears: 1,300 Posts (-2) TOP 50 41. @Maren Swift: 1,300 Posts (+2) 42. @daydreamin: 1,200 Posts (-1) 43. @NubianPower2798 1,200 Posts (+3) 44. @bee: 1,100 Posts (-2) 45. @praisethelorde: 1,100 HOT SHOT DEBUT 46. @Chaos Angel: 1,100 DEBUT 47. @Homojénik: 1,100 DEBUT 48. @Jenna: 1,000 Posts (-4) 49. @The Roof: 1,000 Posts (-4) 50. @MSL: 1,000 DEBUT
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    If you can't drag someone without resorting to being vile, you shouldn't have tried to drag them in the first place
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    Hey, okay so I would like to be a mod. I think i should be picked because I active everyday and I also run the Britney COP twitter acount which i actively go out and try to recruit more members. I post everyday as well and get along with pretty much everyone. Thank you.
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