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    I am done with petty users who feel the need to continue to expose members we have a rule that states it’s not allowed from now on when i spot a exposure topic/status it will result in a temporary site restriction if you continue the exposure topics/statuses when the restriction is lifted it will result in a ban from now on.
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    Well, I really enjoyed spending time on this site, and I met a lot of great people here. But unfortunately, it became too toxic, so I’m ok with it closing, it’s time to move on to better things.
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    Hello everyone,, i stan and love pop vocalist Selena legend gomez , she's my fave. i discovered this place on twotter and decided to join, hope to stay here and make some friends.. sweepstake software
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    Why don't you make a memory book or time capsule to remember this era in the future? It's a shame you gave up on this place.
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    um did you forget her lack of vocal abilities
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    Goodbye Church of Pop! It really was so fun in here for a few months. I'll miss this forum.
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    I always thought they said “hoesen/hosen up my buttons” and I don’t know English that well so it made sense now I checked the lyrics and it’s actually LOOSEN??? I literally can’t hear it even if I’m trying to
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    I can’t believe Ally is the one getting an entire proper rollout
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    We been tf knew! Hot people stan a hot goddess
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    SEREBRO ON BBC RADIO ONE (UK) Interviewer: Ladies and gentleman, hello and thank you for listening to BBC Radio 1! Today we have some very special guests, they are the incredible girls of SEREBRO! Elena: Thank you so much! We are so happy be here, it our first interview together, can believe you? Interviewer: That's right, you're actually quite new, how long have you been together? Elena: We were choosed for group few weeks ago, and finally revealed only few days ago! We are very new and excited, so much emotions! Interviewer: That's exciting! Can you girls introduce yourselves individually to our listeners, so that everyone knows who you are! Elena: Sure! My name is Elena Temnikova, or just Lena, I am the leader of SEREBRO! Olga: Hello, I am Olga, I also 22 years old, from Moscow city. I am very very excited to be in SEREBRO with the girls, we will make fire! Katya: Hello, I am Ekaterina Kischuk or just Katya, I am 20 years old, from Tula in Russia! Interviewer: Lovely! You are all so beautiful and so positive! So let's talk about something exciting - your first song! Mama Lover, you just dropped it, tell me about it! Katya: Mama Lover is like a little gift for people to get to know us before we start going big, we had an amazing time with girls recording this, and the music video which you will get very soon *winks*. Elena: Yes, song is very very fun and dance with it in club, there is Russian version for Russian people to dance and English for everybody else, we work so hard on everything and we so happy to release it finally! Interviwer: The song truly is a jam! And speaking of going big, you are going to Eurovision, such a huge event with millions of viewers around the world! Can you believe it? Elena: Yes we are!!! We so excited and we are preparing so much all the time, it will be such joy for everyone, we're can't wait to give it to the world! Interviewer: Is Mama Lover the song you will be performing at Eurovision? Elena: No! We will perform another song, very very different from Mama Lover, I actually like it more *laugh* it's very good! Olga: It will be such different and exciting, million of people will watch on TV, just few after we debuted, very nervous but I believe in us! Interviwewer: Well we believe in you too, girls! Go out there are slay the world, you are the next big thing!!! This was SEREBRO, and their new song Mama Lover is available on all streaming platforms, here it is now on BBC Radio One, thank you for tuning in! *Mama Lover starts playing*
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    Didn’t he have like 45 on his last one
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    Other Information: - 8 songs - Getting pressed on vinyl
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    Bad, I've had a pretty dreadful atmosphere both at school and at home.
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    I think it's their goodbye picture since the last one they posted was about the Kids Choice Awards
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