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    karma is real whew
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    Still dead?
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    i would like to hear sing this now...also she looks so fucking awkward just standing there
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    what happened to COP 2.0 lmaoo
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    If CoP has taught us anything it is that the words "I'm done" mean anything but that . LOL.
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    Today is my birthday I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!
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    I need your HONEST opinions. I am in this mostly Azalean groupchat on Instagram(let me know if you wanna join) an Azealia Banks stan and I got into an argument. We got into the topic of can you really support the art and not the person. This turned into a heated debate. I argued that supporting the art still supports the artist socially and financially, but the other person claims it's not. They said that they like it because "the work of problematic people DIFFERENT and ECCENTRIC". I also asked them (who is also an Ariana Stan) if they would support the Manchester bomber if they made dope music. They responded with "I would just download there mp3 files free instead of streaming". I believe that Azealia is problematic, and anyone that supports her just gasses her up to be more problematic. I dont care how talented she is, I refuse to support her. Please share your authentic opinion on the topic (lmfao this sounds like an AP Lit prompt)
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    A lot of Sim players I watch online are actually in-love with it, and are enjoying it. I don't see the hate so far.
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    It is even funnier seeing as he referred to her as Igloo Australia in his first post and called her a flop. I was like, Isnt that her in your avatar ? #confusion..
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    Imagine paying to see this:
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    Selective outrage is when all FOURTEEN of those behaviors are TRUE, and we want to be outraged over ONE issue and igonore the others. The MAGA mindset is jumping out. And it's especially rich that you're hiding behind the US Justice system, by calling it a "crime". When it is that very same system that have ostracized, falsely accused, raped, pillaged, and murdered people just like Nicki Minaj for GENERATIONS. But you put all that aside in a piss poor attempt to put the weight of 1 instance over FOURTEEN OTHERS. Laughable. Now who's being selective again?
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    This thread flopped like MegaTran
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    Carly Rae Jepsus will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the subreddit r/popheads! This is huge because the entire subreddit had to be created because r/indieheads wouldn't let people post about her so people made a new subreddit just to worship her! The AMA will take place on the day that Dedicated drops - May 17th, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm PST. Be sure to come down and support the AMA! You can ask her any questions you'd like, but do think of what to ask beforehand, because there will be a lot of people also with burning questions to ask! If all this goes well, we might get more opportunities like this! source:
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    @Barbie really went all out with this list and somehow he got my taste down perfectly: SLAPPING bass and DISGUSTING synths some of these were rlly interesting too and i'm glad i got to discover some new tracks to add to my library (i literally can't stop listening to your addiction) shoutout to @Daydream for this game my thoughts: 1. Studio Killers - Dirty Car 6/10 normally i don't like songs like these but this is a TUNE i love how funky and upbeat it is also the vid was cute 2. Desire - Tears From Heaven (2018) 6/10 imma be honest the vocals and style of singing on this wasn't my fave but that BEAT mayb with a few more listens i cud warm up to it cuz honestly its so hypnotic 3. Uffie - Drugs 6/10 now this song i have a love-hate with the way it was stale in the first half then SMASHED like hello?? 4. Night Club - Your Addiction 9/10 THIS ugh that buzzing synth i LOVE i love songs like this as soon as it started i was GONE 5. Asian Doll - Talk 3/10 umm yea this one wasn't for me i'm glad this was on the list tho cuz i'm always lookin for female rap to get into but i found her voice very grating with the beat 6. Coco & Clair Clair - Naomi & Kate 5/10 this is like if grimes or poppy went trap its so interesting the lyrics are really weird but i love the chorus i'm def coming back to this the peanuts vid was really cute too 7. Darling Soda Pop - Waterslide 8/10 (i'll even ignore that weird part at 1:52 becuz it slaps) 8. Alison Wonderland - Church 5/10 this was an alright song and the beat drop was good but it just didn't hit me the right way wouldn't see myself listening to this on the regular 9. Spicegurlpurp - Weird Flex 4/10 oop valley girl rap instantly lived for it even tho the beat is pretty typical the aspect ratio of the mv threw me off lmao i was like why wont it load up nn 10. Never Dull - Saxyness 2/10 kii at the song being called never dull yet being so dull i dint rlly enjoy this but i can appreciate why someone could nn
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    its coming darl i was goin thru it but im back now
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    Same, Chrome doesn't want me on here
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    Is Marina and the Diamonds considered a fad too?
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    hey! im galina, im 20, and welcome to mtv cribs i sold my soul to kpop a decade ago, but aside from that i like listening to people like khalid, years & years and childish gambino
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    not as unfortunate as zayn's tattoos but thanks
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    I hope she will bring the bangers this time 'Camila' is a great debut but it misses some uptempo bops... Hope she will give us what we need on CC2
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