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    What if we made a section in the lounge where COPers could come in and kii or just talk with one another, like a real club lounge. There was a section like this on F(at)OTP and it kept lots of users busy. It would be like random thoughts but more interactive, or like a live chat but a thread. I would be there everyday and talk with you hunties and it would bring a lot of us closer and interact harmlessly. We could call it The COP Room or some shit like that. Thoughts? We could spam posters with upvotes for motivation too @neonnights @Elusive Loverboy @shmeur @Dirkje @Tana Mongeau @Maren Swift @ReprehensibleRoach @Swagga @Black Beauty ? @Bianca Del Rio @CUZ!CAN @MSL @Blue Sunshine @Nicki Minaj @ACT2 @eevee
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    I just wanna say I love you all. Even if we all got our differences and we may think differently in many topics, we're a community so lets treat each other with respect. I'm feeling emotional today.
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    I'm sick of people coming here to create drama. Ban them or y'all will lose members. It's getting annoying seeing fighting all day, every single day.
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    I’M BACK MOTHER FUCKERRRS!! These motherfuckers I swear they tried to kill your FAMOUS, your FAVORITE bitch! They tried to fucking kill me
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    @laracroftonline We love an admin who saves the day every time
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    I've decided that I will stay on COP.
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    Im not going to be personally degrading anyones faves on here anymore (unless the member comes for me personally) so i hope you will notice my positive changes in the coming weeks (lots of actual tea threads coming though!
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    A FUN FACT: Yesterday, COP Survivor got more posts in the one thread than the entire WOP forum has had in its lifetime. Hammer claims WOP is doing just as well as COP but the stats just dont add up. Their entire lounge section has 10 posts, we just had a lounge thread hit that in 10 minutes. When you go clownery dont be surprised when the clown comes back to bite my little darsaster Keep lying on Kingdie's name and trying to expose COP on that pathetic twitter and see where it get you. A big fat L
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    All I wanna do is get high by the beach
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    Your profile picture never fails to remind me that I'm a white man's whore
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    Y'all need to learn from Elsa and Let it Go
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    Morning COP, let's get sickening today, and remember, #MaturityIsKey
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    I just got my first down vote! Although I don’t understand the reason by it, I now feel like a rebel and true member of COP!
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    I was so on my way to win my very first time of likes but @Elusive Loverboy had to release that smash of a video. Congrats😉
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    Everyone should calm the fuck down and go back to normal!
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    Sometimes I feel so tired I wish I could fall asleep and wake up a week later
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    Good morning COP! A reminder that HEAD ABOVE WATER comes out in 9 DAYS and you should STREAM IT.
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    Going to bed now ... goodnight loves.
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    Apologies? I dunno. For as much as I offer them, I'm not good at it at all. I'm not fully able to explain what happened, it just is what it is ... but I'm sorry for just disappearing on y'all like that. It's been rough,
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