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    Today i won Hotel Hell, the first person in HHHistory to win 2 challenges in a row Thank u sisters for pulling through last minute on the first task @Ms. Knee @barbiej33p @Homojénik @AALIYAH DANA @IsThatSaraS @Sokka @Dirkje @shmeur @iNNA @LANDlover Ill have to payola y'all lovelies back, all 11 of you
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    I'm back from holidays sistren! which means i'm back on COP!
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    Honestly I'm so happy this song leaked. A little something while we wait for R9.
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    Hello Lambs! Thanks for the invite, Mariahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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    our forum gets moved later today please keep in mind the forum is slow atm and we are getting a better server inplace for it so have a bit of patience. we try not to have posts get lost.
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    Fifth Harmony's third album has been certified "Wood" for selling 500 copies!
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    Some of y'all should be really happy I have so much respect for you as people and don't speak my mind like I want to ...
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    Came out to my mom tonight.. She called me a freak, said that I’m not normal, why can’t I be like other people and that I should go see a psychologist, and eventually threw me out of our house so now i’m outside in Finland, where the weather is freezing, with no place to go and my phone is dangerously close to dying so how’s everyone else’s night going?
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    It might seem like a crush~
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    I need to understand how the leaderboard works, as it's messed up for a while now where the winner of the day has a messed up amount of reps. I need someone to payola with me to figure it out.
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    Tonight I'ma fight till we see the sunlight
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    I'm seeing Galactic Tiger in some members lately lol..
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    This has been a long time coming COP, but recently I've been struggling between balancing things in my life, reflecting on a lot of choices I've made/ been making, and also regretting a lot of those said decisions. I'm so sorry to say I feel as though it would be healthy for me to completely disassociate myself from a lot of things at the moment. I need to take time for myself to completely get caught up with myself. I feel like my mind is still thinking about things from a year ago while my body is living in the present. I hate to say this because I'm not even the type of person to ever project my feelings to the world like this, I usually just suppress them until I don't think about them anymore but I feel as though they're all catching up with me. I'm so sorry if it feels like I'm pondering for empathy or anything, because that's the last thing I want. I just need a break. Thank you for understanding. I'll be back in the future, hopefully a better, more self-aware person. - Khris
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    Is anyone else getting resource limit?
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    Thank you so much to everyone for standing by my side and cheering me up. I truly am blessed to be surrounded by some of the loveliest people ever!
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    lol i’m transgender i haven’t ever told anyone that but i’ve known since i was like 6 years old and secretely wearing my sisters clothes but i’m drunk af right now and i’ve never belonged to a more open and a more accepting community as cop and i feel like if there’s any place to come out as transgender it’s cop i’ve never felt like a boy, i’ve always felt more female than male and for years i’ve been looking for a place to get this off my chest and i think i finally found it i love you all and i hope ya’ll love me the same no matter my gender identity❤️
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    I'm back motherfuckerssssssssssss! These motherfuckers I swear they tried to kill your favorite famous bitch! They tried to fucking kill me! I'm not going down without a motherfucking fight!
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    Omg my name is golden! Im officially a mod!!!
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    I love you all so much Just felt like saying that. Would make cookies for everyone
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    @Rumors @Cyrus @P!nk @Unbeyleivable @badgallaura @ColdInside @LetKneeBe @Kylie Minogue @kipperskipper @CUZiCAN i love you all so very much like yall don't even understand Im happier everyday because Ive met yall goodnight
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    I keep forgetting how young y'all are ...
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    Today is my birthday, but on this day also my grandmother died. Today it marks 10 years of her passing. Please spread all the love and hug someone you love before you cannot do it anymore.?❤️
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