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    I'm sure the 3 people who actually still listen to her will be so excited!
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    Okay but she has the same manager as Britney so why isn't she, idk.......confronting their management who has been cooperative in taking away Britney's rights?
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    Girl, shut the fuck up when you know nothing about the situation. I didn't suddenly throw him under the bus. You can ask MSL or anyone else that I repeatedly told them "Indie is still my friend" for a long ass time. I spoke out against racism numerous times and told Indie in the mod chat on discord that he needed to stop defending users like WKOR etc. He didn't stop, so I made my stepping down thread. Then I saw some other screenshots and couldn't do it anymore. I know I'm not an angel by any means, but I've been trying to grow and I'm sick of your annoying ass coming for me when you know absolutely nothing about the situation.
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    Will you take me off post approval then
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    Makes sense that someone who supports a transphobic pos president would still be making these lame Normani jokes. Give it a rest sis....
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    Her record sales speak for themselves. She's the undeniable queen of rap and you can't tell me any other girl's bars have the same impact as those from Bottoms Up or Monster or Barbie Dreams.
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    Agreed. No rules forum. I wanna drag some hoes
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    I think Gagme stans must be put to DEATH for their sinful existence!!
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    This forum is dead, who cares where anything is at this point.
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    Trump is a racist sex offender Biden can't open his mouth without saying something stupid Elizabeth Warren is okay, but I feel like Trump would destroy her VOTE BERNIE! He's our only hope, and he wants actual change to happen (GOOD CHANGE)!!!
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    Honey and it’s like that are great videos, and there have been many mediocre videos that have won VMAs when they shouldn’t have even been nominated. I’m not denying Mariah’s videos are lackluster compared to people like Bey and Madonna who are known for their visuals, but she deserves at least one VMA
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    And that wasn’t a real skyscraper Britney was climbing in Toxic, it was a green screen. Doesn’t make that video any less amazing
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    Taylor Swift makes music for white supremacists. I’m sure @Dangerous Woman loves her!
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    Indie your alt is so cute thinking Selena is a vocalist
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    Almost everyone on this forum is a racist. Stick with me & @A Star Is Born if you want to fight back against the white supremacist rhetoric.
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    This is from Time Magazine before you try to claim it's fake news.
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    The republicans might want to put Conversion Therapy Pence in charge instead, because it looks like Trump is headed for a mental breakdown.
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    Do they even have prep in third world countries?
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    Is it really that deep that I left a discord server? 🤔
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    Tea. Maybe we should say goodbye to it forever
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