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    Hello everyone, it's time for my rebranding. This is the first one since December of 2017 and I'm here to let you know this era is my biggest and best yet. I used to be khris btw!
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    Giving you ONE downvote is not abusing a system. The REACH. I CANNOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Seethe lambs, SEETHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No one cares about Selena Gomez..
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    Omg completely forgot about this forum. Looks like everyone else did too
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    The straights fuming...
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    Down goes the payola queen, and chart legends Boyz II Men.
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    thot it was miss Molly in your avi nnn
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    what's up, hook-ugh-s?
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    How desperate for attention do you have to be to create a dupe on discord LOL. Child.
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    Taylors new song kinda sucks.
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    Welcome to LEO season everybody
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    "My Power" from Beyoncé‘s new album is THAT bop!
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    @Ahmed back at it !! Hey bro
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    Great to see all the new members !! Let's go CoP !!!!!!!!!!
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    Taylor's era kinda seems like it is over before it even starts. No hype.
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    Poor joyrider out here gloating about the fact that ten people made wop accounts and failed to make a single post lol @New Beginnings the delusion is too much lol. Don't forget to issue the relevant warning points for its attacks on you and the forum under raindrops status below. The bitterness is too much. Serving miss Craig..
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    is church of pop 2.0 still happening or???
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    been thinking about Run Away With Me lately ...
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    karma is real whew
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    Still dead?
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    what happened to COP 2.0 lmaoo
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