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    If CoP has taught us anything it is that the words "I'm done" mean anything but that . LOL.
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    The fact that you logged on to 1 - Check and 2 - Post this sad little gif is super tragic to be honest. @New Beginnings this obsession is overwhelming him don't you think ? Giving me Camila teas - " I try to pass the night away with somebody new, (FOTP), but they dont have a shot when I compare em to you (CoP)"
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    1. Minazi Garbaj is totally OVER! It's uncool to like her anymore, despite the desperate cries from the garbz on social media saying she's still hot shit. She's hot shit already, a giant steaming pile of dog shit. 2. Pigcki Binaj is living in a Cardi B world now. She has to contend to being compared to a REAL successful female rapper - one that has several #1 singles and an actually Grammy unlike the white supremacist. She will always come up second best to Belcalis now Poor Oinka! 3. Nazi has NOTHING new to say. We already know what she'll be singing about - how she's deluded herself into thinking she's the "Queen of Rap" (when in actual fact she's barely scraping Court Jester these days), some silly reductive line about Roman (the gay guy who jaded her so much she's been obsessed with him for a decade - sad!) and how she's getting so much money (shame you cant yourself a #1 sus!). The public are so tired of this loser, SO beyond tired. 4. Her recent track record speaks for itself. She only had ONE week in the top 10 for Ug-Li last year and thats been her only showing in the top 10 minus the pedophile song (which was so fucking desperate we'll forget about it since everyone else has - LOL!). Carbie Dreams - FLOP. Hard White Supremacist - TOTAL TANKER!!! Bad Porn - DARSASTER!!! Flopple Up - ON LIFE SUPPORT! Bed Bugs with the midget - OMG SHE'S DONE! 5. The Hate Train will make sure the nazi stays down. Just like Igloo Australia, Kunty Perry, Ke$hit, Viley Vyrus, etc we will make sure this white supremacist stays cancelled until our dying breaths. We won't stop until her career is eviscerated! Cardi B WON! Just like I won S*** So yes, MegaTran will flop Bookmark me garbies
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    Selective outrage is when all FOURTEEN of those behaviors are TRUE, and we want to be outraged over ONE issue and igonore the others. The MAGA mindset is jumping out. And it's especially rich that you're hiding behind the US Justice system, by calling it a "crime". When it is that very same system that have ostracized, falsely accused, raped, pillaged, and murdered people just like Nicki Minaj for GENERATIONS. But you put all that aside in a piss poor attempt to put the weight of 1 instance over FOURTEEN OTHERS. Laughable. Now who's being selective again?
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    She's trash for who she WAS. Not trash for who she CURRENTLY is. She admitted she was wrong, apologized and moved on. Now can we say the same for Nicki Minaj who has failed to apologize for or admit she was wrong for the following? Supporting a pedophile brother Defining a pedophile rapper Dating a convicted sex offender Dating a convicted rapist Allowing her mother to almost go homeless with a $75m net worth Dating a convicted murderer Publicly SHAMING a VICTIM of rape Blocking fans for wanting her to speak up about issues concerning her core demographic Profiting & endorsing NAZI imagery Mocking a mentally disabled person Using the word FA***T in a derogatory manner Attacking a toddler for her own shortcomings Body shaming thin women Supporting pole dancers in one era, and now publicly shaming them
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    This thread flopped like MegaTran
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    TOP 5 DEBUT??? Where are you right now, i need to get uber eats to your dealer asap, that must be some GOOD SHIT you're smoking
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    Y'know whats sad? The fact that no one has been active on this site for over 12 hours... a true revamp indeed!! But you already know that, thats why you are over at WoP. Oh, and your obsession with me is truly sad and you desperately need help Hurry along child
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