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    I already accepted my flaws and have moved on. However, it was better in the past when I was a mod. Facts are facts. Nobody wants to be here on CoP anymore. I'm not bitter about anything, just telling how it is.
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    Good luck with that, you’ll need it. You barely have 2 members post a day, no one’s gonna join a forum that looks like a graveyard.
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    To start, y'all clearly must be bored as hell if you're gonna keep hating on Taylor like this. Every fandom wants to hate on Taylor in this fandom and its because y'alls faves are flopping. Maybe if you were streaming their songs harder they could actually chart. Additionally, hating on Taylor's lyrics or artistry as of late hardly tarnishes the fact that she is one of the greatest songwriters of this generation, lets remember how she writes all her own songs (can your faves say the same?). Just some food for thought.
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    These bitter members needs to either leave or just shut it at this stage. They are becoming very redundant.
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    You’ve completely missed the point. The forum will look like new again and we are doing round the clock promotion for 24 hours to bring in loads of newbies...just like how we launched 2.0. But 2.0 was a flop right? Lol
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    Greetings from Brazil!
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    LMFAO that would be a stupid reason. If you look at my posts i left waaaaay before even the COP Awards was announced.
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    The dedication of certain people is admirable !
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    This single GIF been doing things to me downtown, i think i'm in love or maybe cupid hit me or sth, it's a crime to look this sexy, wow!
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    TOP 5 DEBUT??? Where are you right now, i need to get uber eats to your dealer asap, that must be some GOOD SHIT you're smoking
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    It will have a top 5 debut!! Stay pressed!! Wait how is press doing? or is it flop flop flopin’ it down
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    DONT stream "Bounce Back". A true abomination to pop music indeed!
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    I find it incredibly toxic and sad when ex-mods cannot let go of the past and see their own faults (and instead just see mine). Craig, you leaked personal information of a member which is a huge violation of trust. Just accept you did wrong and move on. You're welcome to stay but your bitterness is not.
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    At this point, I'm so over CoP. I don't really care anymore, this site used to be god before all the drama happend and when I was a mod.
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    Good luck. You may need to promote it on more a forum kinda account I don't think pop crave takes forums seriously
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    Ahmed I love you with all my heart, body and soul but that song sucks and nothing will convince me otherwise ! Sorry bro
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    The NERVE ! As long as Miss Craig is not made mod again it will all be good sis ! We cannot return to those dark days...
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    OMG King Roobz! We've gotten rid of all the bad seed mods and are about to re-launch the site! Come back to us sis!
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    Its the tea and you know it good luck with running the graveyard CoP
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