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    welcome back @Msl @Frosti @Kylie Minogue @Elusive Loverboy basically anyone who is WOKE I'm so here for the new woke COP!
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    It may be quiet on here now but it's the quiet before the storm. And trust me, Hurricane COP is currently forming and the forecasts look like maximum devastation for the enemy. (kidding ) I can now reveal the details of COP 3.0: The Next Generation On July 1, the site will go down for 24 hours and a theme revamp will happen as well as all old posts archived to a section on the bottom of the forum and all the existing sections re-opened fresh. We will re-open on July 2 with round the clock promotion (i'm spending $300 of my own money) on various social media influencer profiles. It will be exactly 2 years since we launched COP 2.0 so it's only fitting we do it on the 2 year anniversary. I am anticipating over 1000 new registrations within 24 hours with the amount of promotion I have lined up as well as numerous older members returning for our 2 year anniversary for which I'll be doing a special event for as well. I am honestly SO excited for this re-launch and it will be a totally fresh start. I can honestly say I've totally changed and I know now how to proceed with owning and running a successful forum. Please leave your enthusiasm and ideas for COP 3.0 below. And dont be negative because the exact same things were said before COP 2.0 relaunch and the haters ate their words! @Newbies @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Moderators @Verified VIPS @Moderators @Members
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    So a new Taylor Swift era is upon us and so far musically it has been hugely disappointing. First came the preschool anther ME which by her standards for a lead single, performed moderately and quickly fell down the charts. Yesterday she released this second song which is absolutely terrible. It is in no way catchy, the chorus is weak and the lyrics are infantile. Talking about having several seats and rambling on about shade. So super try hard from Taylor. This is coming from someone who has enjoyed most of Taylors pop leaning work in recent years but I really feel she has lost it musically and lyrically. If this is the best she has to offer from the upcoming album, the rest is going to be utter trash.
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    Of course not. I will welcome back Miss @Craig though as a member. He was good before all the antics.
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    The NERVE ! As long as Miss Craig is not made mod again it will all be good sis ! We cannot return to those dark days...
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    FUN FACT: When i announced COP 2.0 relaunch i only had one person reply to me on twitter within the first few days about it and that was @Believe In Furler who openly mocked the idea. Just wait and see what i can do y'all. I will never let y'all downE like Rita Ora!
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    yasssss queen we will need a promo video and some twitter banners
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    Yassssss let me know if you want me to make any promo stuff ❤️
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