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    Daily reminder for myself: do not engage.
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    fucking trolls. This is why we can’t have nice things. Sorry y’all had to see that.
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    @pussi xcx is banned for posting nudity and pornography.
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    i love u all
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    I swear ... some people get on my damn nerves so fucking bad. Like, seriously? Grow up.
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    You mean the same level of panicking that you think about every night knowing Mariah is forever a legend and nothing you do or say will change that? You mean the same level of panic you experience when people make fun of katy perry? Or are you talking about the severe level of panic you experience whenever black artists succeed well and dominate the industry while stomping on your untalented unseasoned faves.
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    Me! is just the kind of song not many people like, it seems.
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    -Teenage Dream -Toxic -Blank Space -Kiss It Better -Into You -Emotions -Tell It To My Heart -Paparazzi -Cut To The Feeling -Off To The Races -Crazy In Love -Rolling In The Deep -Uptown Funk -Wannabe -Hey Ya! -Beat It In my opinion, the epitome of 'pop' music and could all easily fit on a "best of all time". I'd argue a bit on the older songs given what pop music is to the GP now, plus there's a definite lack of international music and I'll acknowledge my own ignorance with those selections. Some of the choices are forsure interchangeable, Blank Space + Style are S-Tier pop music to me with no flaws but taking into account the legacy between each & the fact I didn't want some artists to have more than one song, BS won. Same goes for Beyonce, Carly, Mariah, Adele, and Gaga.
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    thanks for hiding the posts so quickly. I did remove the images as well so we don’t have to see them anymore.
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    Y'know... gasses. Literally, Mariah Carey is the only one skinny enough to be in a gas state... I can only reach liquid
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    Cher and Madonna's feud is hands down the best ever WTF is MDNA?
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    The song is terrible choice for a lead single and no matter how much she promotes it, it won't be a #1 on BB hot 100 as she wants.
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    That was so random
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    I am here waiting for you bro. XXX
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    we all know this is the only right answer PERIOD!
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    Maneater & say it right - nelly furtado Glamorous - Fergie Umbrella & shut up and drive - rihanna My happy ending - avril Lavigne Jealous & find you - NICK Jonas Sucker & burning up - Jonas brothers
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    same I bought this like last year, not even when it was released and am v salty now that its free and I haven't played since like a month after I bought it
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    Listening to all those songs and artists I used to love back in my high school days. I feel so nostalgic and sad now.
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    Church Of Pop would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Medoner (22)Juano (15)
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