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    To anyone who wants to play sims 4 or just want to get it just to have it.... SIMS 4 (base game) IS NOW FREE ON ORIGIN FOR 7 DAYS!!! Cop it while you can! Once you claim it you get to keep it forever!! Let me go ahead and claim on my own account so I can start my collection bc I use my friend’s account to play nnn Source: https://simscommunity.info/2019/05/21/the-sims-4-base-game-for-pc-mac-is-completely-free-for-the-next-7-days/
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    This sounds promising .. and I feel like I hear 'I Know What You Want' Busta Rhymes feat Mariah sample on it or just a similar instrumental. Lemme find out Ally is the dark horse of 5H. Atlantic is doing well for her so far.
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    She's always been weird. There's nothing wrong with that. That however was really gross. Why couldn't she have done this in private?
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    He's annoying and still problematic, next! Get ready for the season finale. As much as I dislike Jeffree, he's about to put the nail in the coffin Actually, to solve all of this. Why not everyone just unsub from James, Tati and Jeffree. Problem solved! Everyone's cancelled.
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    Nothing wrong being weird but yeah she coulda pulled her underwear without being so noticeable. I thought to myself maybe because the crowed was behide her and she was turning away from them and forgot about the camera but the sniffing under arms is disgusting Dx especially on tv
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    I honestly feel like both my boss and my manager think I am incompetent and it’s an incredibly hurtful feeling.
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    Nobody: Me after listening to three YUNGBLUD songs:
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    well we know certain demographics don’t bathe everyday
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    Change the title to "Katy Perry picks a wedgie out of her back with a crack", that woman aint got no type of ass at all.
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    They opened for Ari I was staring at my phone during their set. I'll definitely give this a chance tho.
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    the neighbourhood - heaven the neighbourhood - void lany - thick and thin lany - taking me back lany - super far
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    Not here for wasting 40+ minutes on those privileged air-heads. They should've solved their issues in private and spared us this toxic useless drama.
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    Anna Ou! I was sick last week and it’s assessment week at school, it will be coming this week!
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    Apparently The Sims 5 is in development https://simscommunity.info/2019/04/30/more-clues-are-adding-up-that-the-sims-5-is-currently-being-developed/
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