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    Drag Race & Music Wars will come this week! Sorry for the inactivity as I’ve been sick and it’s assessment time at school!
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    What an amazing performance by Madonna. Her tone on LAP was stunning, so rich.
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    What a great weekend
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    He still said racist shit 2 years ago. He’s still canceled
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    Not here for wasting 40+ minutes on those privileged air-heads. They should've solved their issues in private and spared us this toxic useless drama.
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    He said she said between two bitchy gays and their female friend LOL None of them are probably telling the truth. The world is worse for giving them any air time or attention.
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    He's annoying and still problematic, next! Get ready for the season finale. As much as I dislike Jeffree, he's about to put the nail in the coffin Actually, to solve all of this. Why not everyone just unsub from James, Tati and Jeffree. Problem solved! Everyone's cancelled.
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    Eurovision this year was wild. lol
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    I’ve overplayed this since it came out omg. She snapped so hard. Can’t wait for the album
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    This part doesn't make any sense. Share some of the AUS democratic liberal views on social topics so we can understand.
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    no I did not, but I don’t know who Maluma is so I guess it makes sense I wouldn’t know.
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    Likewise There are no facts stating that Bey is better than Gaga Keep seething, looks cute on you!! Obviously mad that Gaga can 'keep up with Beyoncé'
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    Just as mad as you are? The way you are SEETHING cause I spilled the tea She's a DNB, get over it
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    1. Why? Cause everyone sucks Beys vagina and cant hear properly... you thought you did something huh? 2. BEYCHELLA = the most overrated performance by a performer... literally what was good about it? At least Gaga gave a PERFORMNACE 3. And? You'd expect Bey to have a lot since no one competes in categories that dont mean much! Not to mention being in the game 10 years longer than Gaga. 4. Having your songs written inauthentic... and when they sound like trash, it makes the performer look like a fool, ala Beyoncé 5. Is that why she jumped on Ed Sheerats dick for a number one? Or Mi Gente? Seethe
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    Beyoncé 1. Average vocalist, Gaga and others can outsing her. 2. She is the most boring performer out there, being 20 years in the game and hasn't grown artisticlly. 3. Her grammys come from a category that isnt a major contender, ala Best Ubran album. 4. She can't write a fucking song to save herself, has to have writing camps of over 50 people for ONE album. 5. She's a hypocrite, greedy and money driven
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    Really don't wanna work in the next 2 days, I just wanna sit at home, talk shit with my friends and make progress on my art oh well
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    I have a practicing license for audio engineering, and I help produce and master a lot of music for commercial work here in Singapore! I'm also a substitute guitarist for heavy metal bands for small gigs, and I've even gotten the chance to fly to the Europe to perform at a small music festival! Currently I'm practicing really hard over the fasting month, rehearsing for a fusion music festival in Singapore. I'm playing bass for a heavy metal x ska crossover performance, and then the liuqin for a chinese folk x industrial music crossover performance! I hope it turns out well!
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    Didn't he just call Jackie Aina a gorilla? He can keep his shitty lipsticks
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    I gave my 11 to sad, beautiful, tragic
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    TaylorSwift , and GoneWild :
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    Yes, everyday for the past week. .............................I smoked weed
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