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    done with this country
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    I'm off to vote in the Australian election today and I just cant bring myself to vote for the Labor Party due to their rampant communism and socialism so i will be voting Liberal. I'm sure the SJWs will be proud of me
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    History is being made in front of our eyes
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    Demi officially signed with Scooter, he made Justin and Ariana what they are today and we all know their success stories. Do you think he can help Demi blow up and finally get some recognition or is she forever doomed to be a flop with no signature hits? Discuss!
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    I need to be real with someone ... but there’s no one I can talk to. This seriously blows.
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    I’ve never actually been on a real holiday before.
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    I ended up falling asleep and kissing the guy I've had a crush on for months. I Don't feel so ugly anymore And he has a Denis poster too omg
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    What have we told you about making political threads? Please just keep it to yourself, we don't want anything kicking off again
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    United States: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C. Europe: France, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands I’ve also been to the Bahamas.
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    It jumped out here - 2. Youre asking what was good about a performance that had loads of historically black culture being raised and shown at the forefront. And you're calling it overrated even tho it was a culturally monumental. 3. Those categories that "dont mean much" are Urban categories which is also black culture. So youre saying the Urban categories have no value or substance. Ok.
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    the way beyonce outdid every one of those girls in every music metric in your stan badges while debuting 10+ years before them .. i'd be mad my faves can't keep up either
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    lol ... you thought you made some points 1. no vocal critic has gaga ranked higher than beyonce 2. BEYCHELLA 2018 >>> ANY gaga performance FWT: $256 million from 48 shows JWT: $95 million from 49 shows (with 11 cancelled shows .. beyonce doesn't cancel shows) 3. a grammy is a grammy and she has more than gaga. even more vma's including 2 video of the year and the vanguard award. i thought bad romance was the best music video this century. why doesn't gaga have a vangaurd award? 4. just bc an artists writes their music doesn't mean its good (katy, gaga, taylor, etc.) 5. you don't know her so this claim is just simply invalid. must i pull up album receipts as well?
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    let's see ... KATY 1. can't sing or dance 2. flopped after two bubblegum pop albums . 3. no grammys or acclaim (KCA awards don't count) DEMI 1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL GAGA 1. can't outsing or outdance beyonce 2. less grammys 3. less acclaim 4. flopped after her 3rd album
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    Ofcourse ♡ She's talented and aamazing and is already well known
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    We can only hope! Out of curiousity what’s the context here?
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    she already blowed up, have you seen her lately??
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    Yes She is already successful but I think he can get her to main pop girl status with his great payola strategies
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    She certainly could only time will tell.
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