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    This place is so dead.
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    I usually just wear whatever seems fine to me (Regular shorts/pants & t-shirts) I really don't have a look to go for
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    I think you meant to ask if she's anything short of a good business woman. A savage, smart, sexy business woman who knows how to get the money in full and with a lil extra on the side. The way you people take something good and turn it upside down all because of petty jealousy is laughable. She's a smart bitch, you and your faves should try and get smarter and more business savvy. Maybe that way they'll finally be able to match her acclaim. So please just take a seat, but at the back, before you infect/influence us with poor business choices. (PS: if you go into business and you ain't playing to get the biggest paycheck, you are just naive. This world isn't made for bottom feeders that can't maximize opportunities and only take scraps... Oop!!)
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    Let’s not blame Bugs Bunny here, when he’s just a fictional character Let’s blame the company that created all of this!
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    Like most pop singers, what you mean?
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    this game always gets cancelled Who cares bout the quitters more chance for me to raise
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    The cancel culture crew: "OMG WE HATE DRAMA! THATS WHY WE'RE LEAVING COP" Also, the cancel culture crew: *haven't left* *keep coming back* "WHERES THE DRAMA? WELL HERES SOME MORE..."
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    Hopefully good COPers will be able to step up and gain leadership if all the mods do resign.
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    I’m graduating high school in 30 days and I’ll be going to college in late August to study Sociology, so that’s exciting but bittersweet at the same time. Honestly, just trying to get the last of my homework done and keep up with everything. I work at a retirement home and have been there for 3 years, but a year or two into college, I wanna quit and look for a new job that I’d think I’d like. Once I graduate college, I wanna move out of state for the next 4 years. I’m thinking Toronto or LA. Toronto because I’ve always been obsessed with Canadian culture and have actually never travelled or lived outside of the country before, which is what I’d really love to do. LA because it’s a gorgeous city and one of my older brothers used to live there. I’m leaning more towards Toronto, but I have another 4 years to figure that decision out. That’s my current life situation if anyone is interested. It’s not all perfect, but my life is alright for now. I’m excited for the future though and these next 4 years of my life that I’m nervous but ready to start!
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    This was all before any of y’all were even born. This was before I was born. Times were very very different then and unfortunately this behavior was more the norm. A lot of the things that go on in Looney Tunes cartoons are problematic af by today’s standards, but no one batted an eye when they first came out. Now, should they stop exposing young ones this shameful era of LT? Yes, absolutely. Will they? I doubt it bc it’s a fucking cash cow. They’ve rebranded Bugs over and over through the years to appease people but it never seems to work.
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    My fashion style is very rave + punk + casual, I love rave aesthetics like neon, a lot of colour and unpractical materials, I like studs and leather, zips, very punk sorta components and for casual I love joggers and colour block styles that don't make my alphet's look too busy Here's some of the stuff I have, post yours too
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    Yes!! So good!!!!
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    @Swagga one can only guess your current life situation is an absolute sham given that you ran into my thread thinking you had the hot scoop nice try, but I have no problem being transparent with anyone so there's really nothing no one can hold against me, so give it a rest loony tune, hiatus is calling he wants you back
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    Nobody from the mod team is gonna resign. Goodbye, go home y'all
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    I want university first but oh well...
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    Oh, that's exciting! I'm hoping it's a mixture of all Sims games, because there are qualities from all four I've enjoyed. University has to happen, since it's one of the most in-demand EPs people have wanted.
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    I'm currently trying to figure out which Masters degree i wanna study, such a stressful time cos i need to put the application in soon
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    They betta give us some Sims 2 feels with some GTA graphics, i am ready for this to BREAK out computer
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    I know we aren’t exactly best friends but El*s*ve ain’t shit for how dirty he did you. The way he suddenly threw you under the bus after he got into the “cool” crowd... I-
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